10 Awesome Gift Ideas For American Footballers

How well do you know your football lover? Find out with these 10 cool gift ideas.

What makes a football addict feel like a champion even after a terrible loss? Is it the cheerful spirit of friends, a surprise box full of sweets and presents; or just another great hangout with loved ones? To find out what can help lift their spirit check out these lovely gifts.

Gift Ideas For Guys Who Like Football

Celebrate their love of the game with these five football-themed gifts. Whether you’re shopping for a fan of American football, they’ll enjoy being surprised by these thoughtful presents that are sure to get an impassioned reaction.

1. The Madden NFL 21

Not exactly reserved for the fans but it sure is a gift from both worlds. Madden NFL 21 takes a realistic approach to this year’s football season. It highlights major changes in player AI and introduces a brand-new mode where you build a team from the ground up. It lets them win with your team — it’s time to be a general manager. 

2. NFL Football Helmet Replica

Just like archaeologists, football fans and players are known for collecting rare items and antiques for their beloved sports. And for a fan who doesn’t have one, they would love this gift. Get them these NFL-licensed helmet replicas available on amazon. 

3. Turbo NFL Table Game

This football board game has the gameplay of Madden and the ambiance of a real NFL match. It’s an incredibly fun board game that lets you control your team and call plays through turn-based gameplay. Even adults like to play this game so don’t be deceived by its look. It’s what you call a priceless possession for a football fan and should be a worthy gift for your loved ones.

4. Football Wall Decal

Give the gift of sport to a fellow fan with Fathead wall decals, the best way to show off your team pride. Team names, logos, and graphics can be pasted onto walls, furniture, car windows, and desks — wherever there’s enough space. Fathead collections include fan favorites across the board, from Cristiano Ronaldo to LeBron James, and many others in between.

5. NFL XL Lineman Tailgate and Camping Folding Chair

If they like to enjoy watching games while out with friends then this might just be the best gift for them. The NFL Xl lineman foldable chair is perfect for tailgating, camping, or any other outdoor event. Proudly displaying the team of choice, it’s comfortable and well-made. With a cold beverage in your hand, there’s no better setup to enjoy good company with good friends over a great game.

Gifts for Football Player Boyfriend

The best gifts for footballers will bring out their competitive spirit, whether they’re just starting out or are professional players. Give them the motivation they need to keep striving for excellence with these 5 great gift ideas.

1. Nike Swoosh Football Backpack

Getting a player, a bag is, without a doubt, the ideal gift for players at any level. With the Nike Swoosh backpack, aspiring or professional ballers can carry everything they need easily and conveniently with one bag. It’s roomy enough to fit their stuff, but still small enough to not be cumbersome. Available in 3 sizes and 3 color options, it’s the perfect choice for any basketball enthusiast.

2. Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 has only one job but does it well: it keeps track of your health stats. With its ability to record your steps, calories, and heart rate, it can take away stress from making progress in the right direction. New adopters have given the device great reviews — with a fast processor and a wireless connection to your phone, the watch is perfect for everyday use in a variety of situations.

3. Adjustable Training Weight sled

If they are looking for an exercise tool that can increase their speed and leg strength or help them stay healthy even if they’re busy with life, this adjustable weight sled trainer is the perfect thing to buy. Coming with a set of weights that can be used to adjust the weight of the sled, this training equipment has everything you need to improve sprinting speed for football games, track meets, or just stay active outdoors.

4. Quarterback Target Training Equipment 

Every quarterback benefits from being able to throw accurately, but few have the time to go outside and practice. This SKLZ training tool is the perfect solution: it allows them to work on accuracy alone. Made of high-quality material that won’t tear or break easily, this target can be used in the backyard or at the office, allowing them to train whenever it’s convenient for them. Also, remember that a successful player’s power is not about winning but how he can get ahead, and to get ahead he needs to put in more work.

5. Motivational Quotes to Inspire Them

For my last gift suggestion. I recommend keeping them motivated and what other way can you do that than with motivational quotes and iconic moments from their mentors captured in portraits framed just for them. Or even just sending some great movies they can watch during their spare time. This would be deeply appreciated and besides, you may never know what difficulty they experience but with a simple gift like this, they would definitely be inspired.

Tips for Finding Suitable Gifts for a Football Player

I would acknowledge the fact that gifting is a process that gradually yields perfection once a giver is on the right path, with these tips and suggestions you are sure you would find the best way to give, with questions like what to give? How to give and most importantly, what gift would they like? I would start by addressing the last question:

What Type of Gift Would They Like?

A thoughtful gift is something that comes straight from the heart. It’s not easy to find one, but it’s worth the effort. With so many niche gifts out there, you could confuse functional items for decor materials. If you are in such a situation, I recommend trying these: 

Supportive Gifts: 

One way to keep a footballer focused and hopeful for the future is support. This gives you room to support their career with a few gifts you think they would like, such as: 

  1. Football socks: Socks are one of the most convenient tools for protection from bruises and injuries during gameplay, it’s a must-have but often forgotten when players pack up. And for that minor reason, players would always appreciate a great pair of socks. For the best and most affordable one, I recommend the Nike Vapor socks.
  2. Interchange Lip Guard: Even professionals find it difficult to get the right lip guard. It’s not the style that’s important in this product from Shock Doctor, it’s the durability and the ability to interchange the shield after quarters or during breaks. 
  3. Gloves: Distinct from their functions, footballers have different gloves with different functions, some dedicated to a particular position. Like a quarterback. So if you intend to get them gloves try and ask what type they would like and position too, so you don’t get an item they wouldn’t abandon.
  4. Knee Brace: This gift is a lifesaver, to be honest! Any player who enters the field with a defective product is not saving from knee injuries. It’s why I recommend this Hinged Knee Brace from Shock Doctor. It’s not pricey and convenient for any type of sport.

Gifts by Relationship Types

Sometimes, you might not be giving the right gift to the right person. Perhaps a friend of yours is a football fan but does not dream of becoming a player and you go and get him an anchor brace instead of a jersey, ticket, or an antique. These categories listed below should give you a head start if you are stuck in such as pickle:

Football Gifts for Boyfriend

  1. Blender Bottle: The Blender Bottle Sport Mixer gives you the freedom to take your favorite protein shake, pancake batter, or pudding with you when you’re on the go without worrying about clumps or chunky mix. With its portable design and Secure Shake locking lid, there’s no need to worry about leaks in your bag or in transit.
  2. Custom Whisky Stones: Does your boyfriend love to watch football? Does he hate it when the ice in his drink melts too quickly and makes his whisky less tasty? If so, get him this set of 6 whiskey stones. They’re shaped like footballs, so they look great at home or in the office. These stones are made of soapstone, which cools drinks without watering them down.

Football Gifts for Father

  1. Grill Utensils Set: For the grill master who can’t get enough of his favorite team, this NFL barbecue set is the perfect gift. With a generous, three-piece cutlery set, you can use a different utensil for every part of the process — from the prepping to the cooking and the eating. The handles are laser-cut for extra precision and detail, with a maple finish to match your home decor.
  2. Foldable Chair:  When you take your family out to the park, don’t spend the day setting up and cleaning up — rather, arrive prepared with this portable folding picnic table that’s available in both green and yellow colors. This sturdy picnic table features a durable steel frame, making it easy to set up and clean away after use. It has enough space to sit four adults comfortably and comes with an included carrying case. It’s built for the ones who enjoy watching games outside their home.

The Importance of Keeping Their Dream Alive

Every athlete on their journey to professional or even settled as a professional player will encounter problems, challenges in life that would disrupt their focus, dream, and ambition. For a supportive friend like yourself, you could do just a few things to rekindle their hopes. Try These:

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

A gift doesn’t always come in a present or pocket change. Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts come through care and attention. A special friend would appreciate some outdoor activities like swimming, camping, racing, or skydiving; any of these gestures make their friendship feel more intimate and fulfilling.

Yoga and Spa Day

Spa, massage, and yoga aren’t really categorized the same but they have one thing in common: taking out the stress from work. If you have a football player who spends a lot of time at the gym, training grounds, or at the field. They would sometimes need a great way to take out the steam, and that’s what spa and massage days are all about.


Spending time with your loved ones is a wonderful way to show how much you care about them. A few minutes of undivided attention for your friend at the same time is the kind of time that gives you the opportunity to discuss anything under the sun.

Plan Surprise Party

Why not spoil them with a little surprise, football players are always stressed out from overtraining and meetings. Even for the promising ones on the path to rise they would never say no to surprise. Plan this with friends and family. Maybe be on special occasions that should be celebrated like birthdays, achievements, festivals, etc.

We started the Good Gift Zone with one goal in mind: to help you find the perfect gift for any occasion. With our selection of affordable items, we hope that you can find memories with your loved ones, without burning a hole in your wallet. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

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