10 Awesome Gifts for the History Buffs in Your Life

The world we are in today has been shaped by the actions of the people of the past. There is nothing that exists today that does not have an origin from yesterday. Everything around you is as a result of the way man has seen the world over time. It is only great to study history. History tells us our story and why we are who we are and why we do things the way we do.

Some of us love history more than others, some are indifferent about it. No matter what category you are a part of, it does not matter as history shapes all of us. Today, I shall be giving some great gift ideas and how to give gifts to history buffs.

Antique Items

As a history lover myself, it is always an amazing experience for me to see history in real life. What I mean by this is, it is a great feeling to see a representation of history that I have either heard of or studied in my hands. This is why getting an antique item as a gift would set you on the path to giving out a great gift.

History is timeless, and so are antique gifts. You can not go wrong with this one. Just make sure you do some research about the person you are getting the gift from and make sure to know the type of history or rather a section of history they like most.


“That’s the thing about books, they let you travel without moving your feet” – Jhumpa Lahiri. Since the beginning, man has had to document his actions and experiences. There is no better way of finding documentation other than using books. Almost everything known to man is recorded in a book. 

Thoughts of different people that have existed in history have been recorded in books, manuscripts, journals, and more. Books allow you to explore different mindsets, ideologies, information, and more. A history buff would appreciate a book in relation to their favorite part of history as it gives them fresh ideas of people of the past or even gives them new perspectives on existing knowledge.

A Julius Caesar Pencil Holder

Julius Caesar is one of the most influential people in history. Giving a history buff a pencil holder made in the image of the great leader of one of humanity’s greatest civilizations is a great way to show appreciation to a history buff.

A Great Sphinx of Giza Replica Toy

The Sphynx is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. It is one of the great jaw-dropping sights that everyone should see if given the chance.  If you have ever been to Egypt, you would know exactly what I am talking about. A sphynx replica toy is a great gift to get any history buff. It is always impressive to look at, be it the real one or a replica toy.

The Titanic Model

The Titanic’s shipwreck is one of the most popular in world history. Interest in the shipwreck is still present today. A model of the actual ship would be great for anyone who loves history and the Titanic is a popular part of history today.

It also can serve as a reminder of how this great beast of a ship was still shipwrecked despite its enormity and quality for the time. It shows us how far mankind has come and is a great item to have around you.

History Movies

Not everyone would enjoy books or read them. There are some people who prefer to have audio-visual representations of history. I know I fall into this category. I prefer to watch movies about history than to read books. A movie or any video material of history is a great gift for any history buff. Just make sure to pick out the right one.

A “This Day In History” Calendar

Dates are almost as important as history itself. Dates are a great way to remember iconic events and when they happened. From the start and end of the world wars (11/11) to 9/11 or other important dates.  A great way to improve knowledge on dates is with a “This Day In History” Calendar. It is a very good gift to get any history buff.

A Napoleon Pin

Napoleon Bonaparte is regarded as one of the greatest generals in world history. He was the leader of France after the French Revolution. He is one of the most popular figures in history and has a great hand in shaping the “modern world”. 

Every history buff knows about him. His actions shaped all of Europe today and he has been forever written into the list of one of the most powerful men to have ever lived in history. So getting a custom-made Napoleon pin is going to go far as a great gift.

Custom History Costumes

Over time, history has been represented in several ways. Sometimes factual, sometimes not. It is great to always have an accurate representation of the truth in whatever we do. 

Outfits representing different times in history can help do this. It can help us create a perception of how life was in those times and really take us back in time. A great gift idea is getting costumes from different timelines in history as a gift. The actual costume depends on what your history buff prefers. It could be from soldier costumes from the American Civil War, Astronaut costumes depicting the first moon landing, outfits from the Victorian era, it could be anything. Anything works. Just make sure you know what type of outfit your history buff prefers.

A Quill Pen

The last item on our list definitely takes you back through the years. It gives you a concrete feel as to how people wrote in the years passed. It is a great gift because it gives a sense of the past in the present and it is very unique. It is a thoughtful gift as it can be kept as a ready-to-use pen or as a souvenir. 

Our Guide To Finding The Perfect Gift

History buffs make for interesting friends and family — and an incredible challenge when it comes to gift-giving. For those who know a few history enthusiasts, they’ll agree that sometimes the best way to show your appreciation is through a detailed, researched present that shows how much you understand them. Here are some expert suggestions for doing just that.

In this section, we will discuss copious ideas for celebrating different milestones in your history. Whether you’re celebrating their anniversary or your friend’s birthday, the final party will shine if you follow these ten tips.

What Should you Buy 

  • Bronze Bust: For just about any history fan, bronze sculptures that emphasize the aspects of history can be a splendid gift to present to them. While the majority of these sculptures are quite expensive, a few of them can still be found at auctions and fairs for a reasonable price. As a matter of fact, you could even go on collecting bronze sculptures as there are a lot of choices out there. Just make sure you have a place to store them!
  • 3-Dimensional Models: Something much more affordable to get your history enthusiast is a 3D model of objects. Built with great emphasis on details, they can tell and illustrate accurate scenarios or features of an object that are prominent in history. It’s not just history buffs who are usually obsessed with models but architects, archaeologists, engineers, and many other antique lovers.
  • Puzzles and Games:  Of the many games played by buffs is Smart History, it is a unique, educational trivia game that uses the power of the crowd to put events in chronological order — you can use your knowledge and skills to beat other players and be the very best. The game includes over 858 historical events spread across 2,000 years — spanning from before the stone age to the modern day. The more you play, the more accurate the database becomes, and you’ll create a unique history for you and your friends to conquer.
  • Pop-up books: Like 3d models, gifting pop-up books can be a one-way ticket to winning the hearts of your historian. When it comes to these books they will never reject. In fact, they treasure them. A good example of a popular pop-up book for historians is the Gods and Heroes pop-up books, this pop-up book takes an in-depth look at classical mythology. Readers can learn about the gods and heroes of ancient Greece, Egypt, Scandinavia, and other cultures. It’s a great gift for kids — and it’s fun and educational for adults who want to brush up on their mythology.

How Can I Create the Best Gifting Experience?

  • Museum: History buffs are sure to love this museum-themed itinerary. Start with a tour of the most famous museums in the city, then continue on with a trip to famous historical landmarks or mercantile districts. The great thing about this is that it’s relatively easy to fit into any trip itinerary — even if you’re visiting a city for fun, it’s still feasible for you to fit in a historical tour or two!
  • Video games: virtual reality technology has advanced to the stage of creating real-life simulations that can take you back in time to witness events and happening, this is one thing a history enthusiast would like to see in person. With so many VR centers around the country you wouldn’t miss out on the best. Find the best centers online and book him or her a suitable date.

How Much Should You Spend on Gift Shopping

It’s not enough to wow history buffs with fancy gifts. You have to go above and beyond to impress them with thoughtful, low-cost presents. For example, give them a t-shirt that illustrates the significance of your favorite historical period.

Or you could try out some of our affordable gifts for the listings above. But in case you still don’t understand how you should spend here are a few tips on how to:

  • Understand your Finances: Understand your finances and make a budget. Just as you can’t spend more money than you make, you should also take a step back and think about how much money you have to spend before going shopping. Each month, write down what you’ve spent on bills, groceries, and other expenses, as well as how much you’ve earned from your job. At the end of this, you should evaluate a proper budget for gift shopping.
  • Relationship Matters: Don’t give out gifts without understanding the relationship. While it might seem like a thoughtful gesture to purchase a practical gift for somebody who’s spending the night, these kinds of presents can often be misinterpreted as criticisms or as reminders that you’re not as close as you should be.

Try Personalized Gift Ideas— It Works

Giving a gift is a personal decision, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Giving the same gifts over and over again is a sure way to lose points with people you care about. Instead of thinking about what to give, think about how to give the gift. Personalized gifts are thoughtful presents that let you put your unique spin on a gift that’s not going to be worn out.

Personalized gifts are all about understanding the recipients. Whom do they like? What style of humor do they enjoy? What are their hobbies and interests? Answering these questions can help you find the perfect present that will be very much appreciated.

We’ve provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about what gifts to purchase for your loved ones. We hope you found what you were looking for!