4 Easy Steps On How To Give a Kindle Book as a Gift

Ever wanted to give a Kindle book to a friend but knowing how to? Not to worry, we will walk you through a step-by-step guide and give you a clearer insight on how to do so.
Ever wanted to give a Kindle book to a friend but knowing how to? Not to worry, we will walk you through a step-by-step guide and give you a clearer insight on how to do so.

Ebooks are great gifts to give and are easy to send even from the comfort of your home.

Maybe you just read a great piece and wanted to share but don’t know how to, or Have you ever had thoughts of giving a kindle book as a gift, but the idea seemed so inconceivable?

Well, here are some helpful tips on picking delightful books and gifting them in under 7 minutes.

Know your Kindle 

The very first step in gifting a kindle book is identifying a genre. Knowing the likes and dislikes of whomever you are giving it to is very important. 

If you don’t have an idea on the books to give, check out excellent suggestions on the Kindle Store, skim by genre, or use other relevant filters to pick your ideal book. 

If you’ve made your choice, hit the kindle store and start shopping. 

Purchasing the book

As soon as you have made your choice, it’s time to start buying. Open the product detail page of the ebook on Amazon, then click on the “give as a gift” option. 

If you are not a registered member yet, you would have to sign up with your name and an email (Trust us, it is less of a hassle than it seems and takes less than 2 minutes to complete). 

Once you have crossed this off the list, you’ll be directed to the checkout menu. 

Fill out the Checkout menu 

Hovering at the checkout menu, you would be expected to fill in the receiver’s email, input your name, pen a brief message for the recipient and pick the date you would like the ebook to be delivered. 

Once all these details have been filled in successfully, simply click on the “Place your Order” option on the right-hand side of the screen then you are good to go (after paying of course). 

And there you have it, you have successfully gifted a kindle book in record time, easy wasn’t it? 

Did you know that your Kindle book can be read on any device using the free Kindle app for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, PC and Mac, Kindle e-readers, and Fire tablets, cool right?

Accessing other Kindle Gifting Alternatives 

Sometimes giving a kindle book might not be the best recourse. The recipient might not find the genre of the book congeneric to their preferences (a bit off their choice to read) or other umpteen reasons why it might not be the right gift.

Well, such situations can be remedied with some of these awesome kindle gift options (just in case):

  • Kindle Unlimited: When you give someone Kindle Unlimited as a gift, the recipient has the resources to borrow and read an unlimited number of books from the Kindle Unlimited library for the duration of their membership. This method is a splendid way to get them books that they would love! Try out the Kindle Unlimited here. 
  • Audible: If they love audiobooks then gifting them one would be an excellent gesture, paying for a subscription on audible is a great option.
  • Amazon Kindle Gift Card: The Kindle logo appears on this gift card, and the recipient can use it to buy Kindle books they want to read. Kindle books can be purchased with the Amazon kindle gift card but you can also use it to shop on Amazon.com! How cool is that?
  • Kindle Paperwhite: Do you know someone who enjoys reading ebooks but lacks an e-reader? If so then, they would appreciate the Kindle Paperwhite. It’s a waterproof device that can play audio over Bluetooth and is quite affordable. 
  • Comixology: Comixology is Amazon’s digital comics section and it’s just perfect for comic lovers, a Comixology gift card can also be purchased. The recipient doesn’t need to be a member to enjoy this wonderful option, all they need to do is to download the free app and they’re good to go. 

In case you aren’t convinced yet on why you should get a Kindle, here 5 reasons why you should:

1. Avoid the holiday shopping mayhem

If you want to do all your shopping before the frenzy falls in December, You may choose the delivery date of your Kindle book gift from Amazon. So in July you may buy an ebook, and when everyone else runs like their heads are on fire in December, you can relax your feet and feel snug.

 2. Get the very best value off your cash

Kindle novels are spoken about for $2–$3 a pop, crazy! You may buy five books for $10 from your wallet, an exquisite entente if you ask me. It assures you the best bet for your money, and whoever you’re getting it for would adore you for life.

3. Amazon’s Kindle Exchange Option

You believe a person loves a book, sometimes, and they just don’t. Or maybe, they adore it, but they already own it. Of course, a book may be replaced at the shop with another, but how many people are doing that? 

The truth is that exchanging an ebook is a lot easier. You may return your book for an Amazon gift card if the book you have selected is just not your jam.

4. A lot of Books are Going Digital

Whether it is a specialized niche book or a debut author, their work will probably initially be digitally available. The biggest benefit though is that specialist titles, in particular writer references, are far more available and may be shown by the click of a button.

Oh! Did we mention you’re spoilt for choice? 

You can certainly gratify your readership since the books are so widely selected. The Kindle shop has an extensive Amazon Catalog that makes it simple to access thousands of books, old and new, as well as other publications which for several reasons have become a public domain. 

This makes them available free of charge, for example, if their rights have expired. Just ensure the appropriate format is downloaded.

Now you’re up to speed on how-to and why-to gift a Kindle book, it’s time for you to put a smile on someone’s face!

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