About Us

The Good Gift Zone team is a group of lifelong writers (and readers) committed to researching and selecting gift ideas for every occasion.

We’ve developed systems for alerting us to new gift possibilities and keeping our lists updated with popular and contemporary choices, as well as traditional favorites.

Because our loved ones are multi-dimensional creatures we do our best to look for variety. This means including the practical, the humorous, the unexpected but “oh that makes sense” kind of gifts.

The effect is to spark a few ideas in every situation that will transform the burden of searching for the perfect gift into the joy of finding it and giving it away.

We choose every gift carefully. Each of them uses a highly refined, scientific methodology that is driven by key industry metrics like “I wish I had one of those!” and “This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

We get plenty of mail with product recommendations from manufacturers hailing from every corner of the earth. However, we are rarely if ever persuaded by unsolicited suggestions for our gift lists. We would much prefer to hear ideas from our readers who are actively buying gifts for their loved ones.