Anniversary Gifts Traditional vs Modern – 9 Ideas

Wondering what anniversary gifts to buy? Traditional or Modern? Here are 9 ideas ready for you.
Wondering what anniversary gifts to buy? Traditional or Modern? Here are 9 ideas ready for you.

Anniversaries are one of the most important dates to remember as a couple. It is an intimate celebration in which couples share something. Although celebrating anniversaries is a classic thing to do, finding the right gift for your partner is somewhat difficult of a task to do. 

Anniversary Gifts Traditional vs Modern

Over the years, anniversary gifts, modern vs traditional, have come a long way. From giving a sumptuous and intimate meal way back to having a modern approach like giving expensive gifts, many have changed. 

Furthermore, it can be quite extremely hard to find the right gift, whether it’d be modern or traditional. If you are still wandering around searching for the best gift you can give to your partner, be our guest, as we will provide some beautiful ideas to get you started.   

If you were to ask me, I’d have problems too! Picking the right anniversary gift for your partner can be quite overwhelming at the beginning. Still, there are many ideas to be taken into consideration to give your partner a mesmerizing smile and a memory of a lifetime. 

Anniversary Gift Ideas

As mentioned, there are tons of ideas to choose from when it comes to giving anniversary gifts. However, some good ones shouldn’t be left out. Here are some gift ideas you might want to look at:

First-year Anniversary Gifts Traditional vs Modern

  • Traditional Gift: Paper – for first-year anniversaries, the paper has been a staple gift for years. Paper symbolizes the start of something new wherein both of you, as a couple, can write down your own story. It also symbolizes fragileness, as the first year of marriage is sometimes rocky to start with.
Anniversary Gifts Traditional vs Modern
First-year Anniversary Gift: Paper
  • Modern Gift: Clock – It symbolizes time and precious memories savored throughout your first year of marriage. As time progresses, so does your challenges. 

Second-year Anniversary Gifts

  • Traditional Gift: Cotton – According to Cynthia Stewart, cotton gifts for the 2nd anniversary are a good idea. Cotton is made out of woven threads, and this symbolizes how both of you have interconnected in two years. 
Second-year Anniversary Gift: Cotton

As time goes on, both of you are already highly adaptable to changes and decisions made. Give your partner something made out of cotton, a throw pillow, wardrobe, or a monogrammed towel. 

  • Modern Gift: China – it is considered to be delicate and strong. A characteristic of a married couple showing some of their weaknesses and strength. According to Kwabena Owuso-Ansah, China’s wedding gifts can be in the form of money. The money would then be placed in an envelope called “hong bao.”  

Third-year Anniversary Gifts

  • Traditional Gift: Leather – a leather gift symbolizes security and shelter. It is much like an embodiment of what both of you have become over the three years. As for Betty Meyeraan Tovar, you could give your partner leather shoes, a leather wallet, or a leather purse with a gift card inside. They will love it for sure.
Traditional Gift: Leather
  • Modern Gift: Glass or Crystal – a crystal or a glass signifies two things; fragility and care. Crystal needs to be taken care of well, just like your marriage; fragility highlights one of the facets of your relationship during this time. 
Traditional vs Modern
Modern Gift: Crystal

One of the ideas from Rajiv Rastogi is a colourful rotating crystal cube or a bottle lamp. Your partner will appreciate this and will surely treasure it.  

Fourth-year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Fruit or Flowers: Fruits and flowers signify the maturing and blossoming of your relationship as a married couple. For something sentimental and sweet for your day, let your florist arrange a great bouquet reminiscent of your wedding day. 
Traditional Gift: Fruit or Flowers
  • Modern Gift: Appliances: a more significant approach over the years is giving your partner any appliances. Appliances are a testament that life at home is what you need to further improve your relationship with one another. A TV gift for both of you works wonders. 

Fifth-year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Wood: Congratulations for making it pass through half a decade! In tradition, couples give each other wood. Wood symbolizes the stability and strength of your relationship for lasting this long. Any gift made out of wood is a great addition to your home. 
Traditional Gift: Wood
  • Modern Gift: Silverwares: All the meals you share and enjoy with one another will continue to blossom. They are best commemorated with fine pieces of silverware. 
Modern Gift: Silverwares

Sixth-year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Candy or Iron – candy symbolizes sweetness in your relationship and keep that romance kicking in. During the 6th year, the anniversary is where you enjoy all the sweet stuff. 
Traditional Gift: Candy

The sweetness of candy is a constant reminder of your days wherein both of you are still dating and should be a testament that whatever you are doing, don’t stop, keep the fire burning. 

  • Modern Gift Wood Objects – much like your 5th anniversary modern gift, wood symbolizes resiliency and durability over the years of being married to one another. 
MOdern GIft: Wood Objects

Wood is forever growing, and that should be carried like your marriage throughout the years. You can get them a wooden picture frame and put your best pictures together as a couple. 

Seventh-year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Wool or Copper – 7 years in marriage is a no joke. By your seventh year, both of you already know that everything should be taken in stride. Although this may not correlate to your traditional gift, wool and copper signifies warmth, just like how your romance radiates your relationship. 
Traditional Gift: Copper
  • Modern Gift: Desk Set – it may seem like you are dealing with a more practice approach with a desk set, but this symbolizes support. It is supporting your partner in each and every way possible. 
Modern Gift: Desk Set

Eighth-year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Bronze symbolizes the unification of two lives because bronze is a combination of tin and copper. Any material or gift made out of bronze is a good thing. Bronze also signifies strength, a testament to how long your married life has been. 
Bronze Gift
  • Modern Gift: Lace or Linen – both of these signifies both refinement and delicate. Just like how love is, it is carefully refined over the years. Also, lace and linens are used for additional pieces to make things appealing and beautiful.
Modern Gift

Ninth-year Anniversary Gift

Traditional Gift: Pottery or Willow – willow signifies flexibility; such is the case with a clump of clay; marriage should be formed and shaped into something beautiful through the years. 

Traditional Gift: Pottery

Modern Gift: Leather – by the time you reach the 9th year of marriage, you have probably endured something, just like how leather is good when it comes to endurance and stability. When both of you endures something as good as the leather, your relationship can go a long way. 

Modern Gift: Leather

Whatever you give your partner, whether it’s big or small, expensive or not, they will surely appreciate it. However, what matters most is the love that you share. If you’re planning to get them something to treasure for your anniversary, I hope I have helped you with the ideas mentioned in this blog. May you have more anniversaries to come. 

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