Best Gifts For Science Geeks – They Definitely Like

Mankind would not be anywhere today without knowledge. Knowledge has taken mankind to another level and has set him apart from other creatures on earth. There have been no greater contributors to mankind’s success other than scientific discoveries and such. 

Some of us love science and some of us hate it, but there exist some people that like it more than most. Some may call them nerds or whatever lingo is trending these days, but I prefer to call them science geeks.

We may know some science geeks in one way or another in our lives. They are usually always present. Some may think that science geeks are people that spend hours and hours in the labs, no the term science geeks is not restricted to just them, anyone can be a science geek.

10 Cool Gifts For Science Geeks

Science geeks are people that just have a more pronounced interest in scientific topics than most people. That is what a science geek is. These folks are usually overlooked, and sometimes people do not even know the kind of gifts to get them. Well, let me help you with that. I shall be giving top gift ideas to give that science gift in your life. 

Text Books

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power, no one is all knowledgeable, we are all learning something new every day. This goes for everyone. No one can claim to know it all, not even science geeks. In fact, science geeks are always looking to improve their knowledge and try to learn more, especially about a subject matter that interests them.

You can help them with this by simply getting them a textbook. It might not seem like much, but I am sure you would be well appreciated. Although, you have to make sure you get a subject matter that interests them well. Textbooks can easily be found anywhere so go out there and search!

A Virtual Reality Headset

Technology is a very key component of today’s world. It is hard to imagine a life without it. Without it, you would not be able to read this. Sometimes I wonder how people of the past survive. This is how much technology is a part of our daily lives now. 

So if you are looking for a way to incorporate some tech into your gift, you could get a Virtual Reality Headset. Virtual Reality is a great escape and it can be used to view an unseen world. This would be great for anyone looking to widen their knowledge and scope which is what science geeks tend to do. It is a great gift to get anyone.

A Beaker Mug

Chemistry is almost always synonymous with science geeks. And what is chemistry without a beaker huh? A beaker mug is a great gift because science geeks love chemistry, they love it so much that they would cherish it every single time they are about to have a cup of coffee or tea. It would probably become their favorite thing in their kitchen because of their love for chemistry. This gift is sure for chemistry lovers.

A Levitating Moon Lamp

A moon lamp may seem common. Now a levitating moon lamp, that is a different ball game. Science gifts love astronomy. Having a moon lamp that levitates is a great way to take their breath away when they receive their gift from you. A levitating moon lamp is a great gift for anyone as they have such a uniqueness about them. They are also a sight to behold while in the dark. A levitating moon lamp would work, just make sure you know how much they like astronomy, that should double your chances.

Atom Model Necklace

I don’t know much about atoms, but I do know that science geeks go crazy over them and they are always talking about them. An atom model necklace is a very unique gift that I do not see much of out there. It is so underrated, because of how gorgeous it is. 

The special science woman in your life would love this gift. It is such a blend of knowledge and class. Who knew atoms could be fun? This gift is going to save you as it is relatively very cheap and easy to find.

Periodic Table Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are always timeless. No matter how old you are, it would always be a joy having to solve one. You can also make a science geek feel this way. All you need to do is get a periodic table jigsaw puzzle and you would bring out the joy in a science geek.  Again the love for chemistry seems to be ever-present in every science geek, this is why this gift is a winner.

A Plant Cell Phone Case

Biology is another branch of science that gets science geeks really excited. The way life on earth exists is quite interesting. This may be why Biology is loved some much. This is why it would be a good gift idea to get a plant cell phone case. It not only protects your phone but it is also a very nice object to look at. It is also sure to gain attention from onlookers because of its uniqueness.

Solar System Cuff Bracelet

The solar system is one thing that drives science geeks crazy. It also interests me personally and I am sure it does for those that have an interest in astronomy. A solar system cuff bracelet is a great way to show people with an interest in astronomy appreciation. Like the levitating moon lamp, it is a representation of a heavenly body and it just looks right. It is quite affordable as well.

DNA Cover Notebook

Science geeks are always looking to gain new information, no matter where they are. Science geeks are always willing to learn something new. As a result, they would also need to take notes, the next gift on the list which is a DNA cover Notebook would help encourage that science geek in your life to learn more and explore. The DNA cover is also something that makes the notebook a stunning eye-catcher and a great gift overall.

A Chemistry Lab Cookie Cutter Set

I can’t think of anyone who does not like cookies. I enjoy them very much, and I think I speak for most if not all science geeks when I say they do too. Mixing chemistry and cookies is a certain way to get top reactions. A chemistry lab cookie cutter set is a wonderful gift to give science gifts. They get to enjoy great cookies cut out of their favorite things. It is doubtful anyone would turn that down.

Our Guide On How To Gift That Science Geek In Your Life

It can be hard to think of a gift to give anyone really. This often seems to be the case for a lot of people. This is not your fault if this is the case, it is something that a lot of people experience. Fortunately, I am here to make it easier for you. I am here to help and with this guide, hopefully, I can help you get the right gift for that science geek in your life.

What Can I Buy?

You may be asking yourself, what can I get? What sort of gift would be great for this person? How would they receive my gift? Is it good enough? Relax, it is normal to feel this way and ask these questions. Our minds are usually overwhelmed when we do not know what to do, especially if we have not had that kind of experience before. The key to solving this is calm amongst other things, which I shall talk about.

What Makes A Great Gift?

This might sound cheesy to you, but a great gift is a gift that comes from the heart. Now what I mean by this is that a great gift is one that you have put your heart into, it is not just some random item you pick from your storage or what have you. 

It is the kind of gift that you put your time into. It is a type of gift you take your time to make right. Usually, these kinds of gifts get the most acknowledgment. Just put your heart into it and it will work.

How Can My Gift Stand Out?

Standing out is something to consider when getting a gift and it is of great importance to some. I do not often focus on this bit as I try to focus more on putting my heart into a gift rather than making it look unique or expensive. 

The truth is almost anything can be found online and this is where most people come to find different ideas for gifts. So the chances of your gift standing out are already pretty slim. This is why I focus on putting my heart into the gift rather than standing out.

 This is not to say that you do not think of things to make your gift. You most definitely should actively look for unique gifts, but you should try more to put your heart into the gift. It would more likely bring more positive feedback to you. 

How Much Should I Spend On The Gift?

This is solely on you. Some gifts may be really costly and others quite affordable. If you want to go all out and spend a lot on a gift that is up to you. As I said earlier, you should put your heart into a gift, give it thought. If at the end of the day, you feel like the way to show appreciation is by spending a lot on a gift then go for it. The only advice I have is to spend wisely.

Have a budget and try to stay within that range. You do not want to go about spending too much if you cannot afford it. So try to make a budget that you feel would suit the end game of your gift and then go out there and find that gift. Always remember that nothing is too little and nothing is too much, so far as you have put an effort into the gift.

How Do I Know The Right Gift?

We have spoken about what you can buy, how your gift can stand out and how much you should spend on a gift. Now it is time for us to combine all of these so that we can tell what the right gift actually is. The funny thing about this is that you can never really know what the right gift is. This may be disappointing to hear but it is the truth, unfortunately. 

The right gift to me may not apply to the person you wish to give the gift to and vice versa. People are different so you cannot apply what you apply for person A to person B. Even though we have said all of these, there are still some factors that remain constant for everyone.

Let’s explore these factors. As said earlier, you have to put your heart into your gift. Give someone a gift that they would appreciate, basically, give them a gift you would appreciate if it was given to you too. Now presentation also matters, most science geeks are particular people and they pay attention to detail. This is something you have to take note of. 

Now in some cases, you want to have been given a unique gift, especially in situations where other people are giving the same gift to that person at that particular time. For instance a birthday or anniversary. You have to think out of the box in such situations so that you do not end up giving a gift someone has already given. 

In the list above, most of the gifts listed are unique, so you can pick from those options or do more research.

Lastly, when factoring out how much you have for a gift, you should begin to have a clear view of what your gift should be. From your shortlist of options. Try to determine what ticks the box for all these factors that I have mentioned and the right gift should stand out to you.

How Do I Now Present The Gift?

Now that you have the gift you want to get the person in your head. It is time to talk about how you can give this person the gift. This part of the process is often overlooked by some, but it is regardless a key part of the process. In the same way, you have put some thought into your gift, you should also put some thought into the way you give the person. 

This is the last part of the process, so you need to go out with a bag, or else the whole effort may go to waste. First is first, your gift, ask yourself these questions. Has it been wrapped properly? Was it a good enough gift? Does it fit the person I am giving it to? Once you have the answers to these questions, you should be on the right track. The next thing is you when giving the gift to the person, how do you present yourself? 

You want to be happy and look okay at the very least so that the person knows you do want to appreciate them. It is not about you, it is about the person we are getting the gift for, we want to appreciate them and there is no better off doing that than looking good yourself that is also a present in its own right.

On a final note, you should have all the tools now for the perfect gift for that science geek. Remember all we have spoken about. It is not about you, it is about the person we are giving the gift to. Let them feel appreciated. With this newly found knowledge, I am quite sure, you cannot go wrong.