10 Simple Gift Ideas for Boss – Both Male & Female Boss Included With Guide


Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, or just another important day of their career, getting the right gift for your boss will send the right message across. You shouldn’t send a gift when you need a promotion, as this would appear inappropriate and will not add up to their list of possible qualifications, it would be too obvious to do so. 

Yet again, your gift shouldn’t be too expensive but reasonably priced. It should be ethically appealing to suit the formality of work while connecting to their persona or need. 

We scampered the internet and prepared a long list of excellent products like accessories, antiques, and décor equipment, gears, and gadgets that any boss would want to have, either in their office or home. As most people find it difficult to choose from gender-selective specific products, we have categorized our list into two sections, one for the male boss and the others for a female boss. 

5 Great Gifts for Your Male Boss

Like we mentioned earlier, finding a gift can sometimes be difficult especially when you have no idea what a made boss would appreciate the most. To clear the air from confusion here is a list of our top 10 best gifts for a male boss.

A Mug That Reminds Them 

Best gift for boss - Mug

As much as long as they like taking coffee, they would like this customized coffee mug, even when it looks like a popular gift choice, you can go as far as customizing it for them.

The majority of business owners may even have such a mug but what should become their everyday coffee mug should be aesthetically appealing and quite functional as well. 

If you think this is the right gift for your boss, then check out this mug or grab a custom-designed one for them.

Lunch Box

Best gifts for Boss-Lunch Box

Every hard worker needs a good lunchbox, and for your boss, there is no exception. The Grab2Go box has a carrying capacity of up to 80 oz, with a two-divider container intended for veggies and all kinds of food. Apart from being a great lunch box, it’s got a beautiful design that everyone would like. It’s the perfect gift for a male boss.

Beautiful Flower Vase

gift for boss - Flower Vase

Flower vase is useful in beautifying spaces, desk, and work areas, your male boss would love to have one around so take your time to get these affordable Modern Nordic Style Human Head Flower Vases. Other than just mimicking the statue of King David, It comes in 2 different sizes to fit the right flower size intended for office decoration.

Memory-Soft Sleeping Mask

They say that memory foam is the best material to aid a comfortable sleep and so is this eye mask, it was designed to help anyone sleep as fast as possible. It is designed with memory foam to cushion the eyes, making you feel like you have nothing strapped to your face. This is what every boss needs to get some shut-eye.

Notepad For Writing And Sketching

A simple gift with an essential purpose is what the notepad stands for. Even though they have a stack of notepads hidden somewhere, a notepad would always come in handy when the previous is exhausted, and for a boss who enjoys jutting down notes and ideas, this will serve them well.

All male bosses would love to have one of these notepads because of its design and paper style. It comes with a strong protective cover and 4 different lining patterns to pick from 

5 Great Gifts for Your Female Boss

If you are a male staff and you don’t know what you could get your female boss, then this could be your chance to pick some items that would not only be cheerful but useful their them. With a considerable budget in mind, here are a few suggested gifts for your boss.

Travel Toiletry Pack

Forget the name toiletry, this pouch can be useful to any woman who plans of packing makeup and small essential materials that are frequently needed on trips, long journeys or just to have around at your workplace. It’s a beautiful design and would be a woman’s favorite. Be a polite co-worker and get this portable bag for your boss.

Wood Style Charging Station

Best gift for boss- charging station

With a lot of devices and electronics like iPads, iPods, Macs, iPhones, and many other wearable devices that are essential for high productivity, charging space can sometimes be debatable to especially when charging docs and ports are not enough. This charging station is not only fine but built to support as many devices as listed above. It offers a wide space preventing cluster and moderate weight distribution to balance.

Classic Succulent Trio

To inspire a much more preferable decor, she would need a succulent trio. This is excellent for environmental designs and can help make her office desk more attractive to the eye. Or even when they already have a beautiful office, it could still be useful at home or any spot they want to decorate. It’s completely up to them.

Mosaic Photo Frame

Mosaic frame

If you think she already has enough photo frames on her desk then you shouldn’t be too worried as this one is a standout. From one of the most creative decor designers on Esty comes forth this modern photo frame. It fits a 4X6 sized photo with a nice Mosaic frame that features floral patterns and marble to its design.

Step Skincare Regimen

If your boss is fond of complaining about skin irritations like rashes, blackheads, and any other common skin imperfections, you can lend her some help by giving her a 4 -step skincare regimen kit from TULA beautify company. They come highly recommended and are one of the most successful and affordable products for treating skin irritations on demand.

Our Guide For A Better Experience

After going through two gift sections, you’re probably ready for something a little bit more comprehensive. This section will teach you to take gift-giving beyond just sending out gifts – it’s a doorway to building stronger relationships with your boss.

Don’t Send The Wrong Message

When shopping for boss-specific gifts it’s important to keep in mind that you are limited by their expectations and also by your relationships. Most people who make mistakes sending gifts, usually take the wrong routes and in turn pick up gifts that would complicate their relationships or get them fired.

Remember it’s work and you want to create an environment that you would feel productive and most importantly at peace with yourself. 

In a nutshell, keep your gifts in the professional circle to avoid sending the wrong message.

Keep To a Strict Budget

When planning to give your boss a surprise gift, it’s important to keep to a certain budget. This budget must reflect your pay grade. We suggest spending no more than $1000 on any gifts. 

Why? Because most bosses don’t want to be overshadowed in their own company. While some may see it as just a warm gesture, others see it as a seem or a way of convincing them you want a promotion.

Give Not To Receive

It is a common misconception that gifts are a requirement for celebrating the holidays or other work-related happenings. While some employers will expect their employees to give them gifts, there is never an occasion where it is truly necessary. And if you don’t feel comfortable spending money on something for your boss or simply cannot afford it, do not get them anything. They will certainly understand and appreciate the sentiment.

As you also plan on sending your boss a gift, it’s always good to keep your mind far away from receiving gifts from your boss. It most likely won’t be happening soon and it’s normally on some occasions in which the boss plan on commending the hard workers.

Just A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Follow the Rules: It’s important to follow company protocol when deciding when to give a gift to your boss. While it’s generally true that any time is the right time, companies may have certain rules in place for these occasions — and it’s always a good idea to follow those rules first. You might have heard a story about another employee who got in trouble for giving a gift, or maybe you’re wondering if you should bother getting something for the holidays. So find time to ask questions or even go as far as reading the company guidebook, the information there may prove useful to you.

On what occasion can I send in gifts

As an employee, it’s important to know the right time to send a gift to your boss, as this remains a crucial part of the gifting process. Here we would list out a few occasions and days that are reserved for gifting.


You don’t want to be the odd out for sending gifts to the boss’s office on his or her birthday, so it’s important to consider your company culture when figuring out whether or not you should buy a birthday gift for your boss. If birthdays are celebrated at your office, it makes sense to get someone a present — but if they’re not celebrated, you should probably skip buying anything.

As it turns out, your colleagues share the same “problem” as you do — time. So instead of coming up with an elaborate presentation that will get you into a sticky situation, get together with your team or department and give the boss a present that is from everyone. Our original take on this gift idea is to go for a funny mug or a card that incorporates everyone’s signatures.


Giving gifts to coworkers or superiors is an excellent way to express gratitude for their support. Giving someone a gift in public shows them that you value their presence and appreciate their help. This can be especially important during the holiday season when bosses are often forced to work extra hours in stressful conditions.

Giving a gift to a superior reveals your professionalism, but it also gives you another opportunity to showcase your interpersonal relationships with them. Send the best gifts you can find when its holiday, it would only appear as a form of season greetings

Contract Awards

Although this is not completely acceptable, if you are in the group working closely with your boss it will be more appropriate to plan with your colleagues to surprise your boss with a reasonable gift and a few words of thank you. Don’t go in alone so you don’t send the wrong message.

Boss’s Day

October 16th – the global boss day. It’s a special day for all bosses that gives you the permission to send your gifts along with the other staff members in your organization. If you want to get your boss a gift for Boss’s Day, make sure you choose an office-related gift.

That way, the gift pleasant reminder of the workplace and will emphasize how hard your boss works. 

If you want to make the gift look nice, find some desk supplies, decor materials, or something that can relieve them of stress, in the office or at home.

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