20+ Best Gifts For Hairstylist – Thoughtful and Actually Needed

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by, we know you’re having a hard time picking out gifts for a friend who is a professional hairstylist. Well, if am not mistaking, you need a simple guide that would get you on the right path, and into their hearts.

Checkouts some of our amazing gifts for hairstylists that will make even a beginner very satisfied with your gifting experience. Our list covers awesome accessories, wearables, tools, and equipment that would make their job easier. 

Best Gifts For Hairstylist

20 Plus Cool Gifts for Hairstylist

Keep in mind that all our gifts have been studied and proven to work. So, take your time to study them and pick up the ones that you think they would love the most.

Netflix Voucher 

What’s more rewarding than a relaxing day spent on your couch watching Netflix. It’s something no one can say no to. And yes! They would cherish this one. These vouchers are prepared for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months subscription to watch Netflix at its best quality. Try putting a smile on their face with this simple gift.

Hair Dryer

Hairdressers would always have space for extra gear, that’s why you should get this gift for your hairstylist. This hair dryer is not like any other in the market. Some call it, the factory hair dryer because of how much heat it can produce to dry up hair in seconds. It’s an essential tool to have around for a professional stylist.

Tote bag

If there is any casual bag that is trending right now, it’s defiantly the tote bag. Unlike any regular carry-along bag, the tote can be used to pick up anything: grocery, books, laptop, you name it. As long as they can fit in, the tote bag can carry. Plus, this is custom-designed to honor hairstylists especially, so why not get them one of these.

Magnetic Bracelet

This tool will convert their wrist to a personal assistant, providing small materials they need to get work done faster, from an arm’s length. The Magnetic Wrist Pincushion is a new product that has been trending on social media for months now. 

It works by simply attracting pins, needles, crowns, and many other metallic materials to the magnetic metal plate in the center of the bracelet. Helping stylists most especially work faster and more efficiently. If you think they need an extra hand, then this is the right tool to gift your stylist.

Poster Wall Art

Wall art is an amazing gift that you would watch become functional and useful in their lives, even if it’s just to hang on the wall, wall arts do more than just hang, they inspire. And when you give your hairstylist such a gift you’re indirectly sending a message to appreciate their effort in taking care of you. Here is one of the best-personalized wall art designed just to inspire them.

Photo Album

After successfully making the perfect hair for some of their clients, hairdressers usually take photos that would attract more customers. Some of which they usually store on their smartphone. Others are kept as hard copy photos. 

You can help them keep all those hard copies in place to serve a lookbook for their next customer by giving them a gift like this one. It’s a durable photo album that can withstand oil and grease stains. So be rest assure it would last for many years.

Amazon Echo Dot 3nd Generation

When you think about it, it’s not a bad idea, nodding to your favorite song while waiting in line at your local saloon. The Amazon Alex is one of the most promising features of this portable speaker, giving you music on demand from just voice activation. With just enough charge it can play on for hours. Get the Amazon Echo Dot for your hairstylist friend to be the first to add some rhythm to their saloon.

Fun Chocolate Cookies 

Chocolate cookies are one of those gifts no one would ever say no to. Well, if you’re just like me you wouldn’t. Some chocolate cookies and a bottle of red wine would go hand-in-hand with a Netflix subscription.

While taking your time to get these, throw in some greeting cards to send them good wishes. Regardless of the type of reason for celebrating. Wine and chocolate will always make a positive impact. It’s the perfect gift for your hairstylist.


Humidifiers today usually serve two purposes, one, to purify and add scent to the air, then also to decorate the space where it is positioned. Humidifiers come in portable sizes and sleek designs that brighten any space. You can definitely add this to your cart and gift your hairdresser this holiday season.

Note Pad

This notepad was personally designed to help hairdressers schedule appointments and jut down notes or any important details. It’s got an irresistible cheetah design that no one can resist. This could come in handy for stylists so don’t forget to get it for them.

Personalized Apron 

A hairstylist without an apron is just like a doctor without a stethoscope. How? Simple, they have no key evidence! While you already thinking your stylist may have too many aprons in her wardrobe, you can come in with some fresh new trendy ones for him or her this holiday season. 

You got two choices, either get them a custom apron or a plan stylish one. Whichever one you settle for, am absolutely sure they would like it. 

A Tumbler for More Than Just Drinking

If you want a gift that speaks to their soul then just add these to your cart. This personalized tumbler would be their new favorite cup if you plan on keeping it simple. It’s the Perfect gift for aunty hairstylist.

Pack of Scissors for the Professional 

Just like the apron mentioned earlier, every professional hairstylist needs a pack of scissors that can solve any problem the hair may bring. For this particular product, durability seems to be the only word to describe this set of scissors. 


If you have stayed with a stylist for long hours you would observe they like footwear that don’t take too much time to wear, are light in weight, and yet again stylish enough to blend with their attire. If you think they would love these special Edition Shine On crocs, then get them for your hairstylist. 

Notepad for Writing and Sketching

A simple gift with an essential purpose is what the notepad stands for. Even though they have a stack of notepads hidden somewhere, a notepad would always come in handy when the previous is exhausted, and for a boss who enjoys jutting down notes and ideas, this will serve them well.

All male bosses would love to have one of these notepads because of its design and paper style. It comes with a strong protective cover and 4 different lining patterns to pick from

Throw Pillow

Looking for a gift that’s always appreciated — especially by hair salon owners? Present her with a throw pillow she can only find in the Anickal store. This decorative accent will be as much of a talking point as it is a comfortable place for clients to rest their heads during an appointment.

Spa Day for Two

You don’t have to wait till summertime to give them a lovely spa day! You can do it now. Spa and full body massage are recommended to all those who want to take out the stress and relieve their body of aches and pains. If your stylist is married or in a relationship it could be a better experience for her so make sure you get two vouchers for them to have a fun spa day. You can get one at the Virgin experience or a similar site that plans unique experiences like this one.

Framar Gator Grips

Working with tons of clients to achieve their dream hair could be overwhelming, especially when they exhaust most of their materials like hair clips. If they are always complaining of hair clips running out, then you can get them some new set of awesome Framar Gator Grips. These are some popular clips that 8 out of 10 hairstylists may know and want to have. But just in case you want to surprise them you can still beat the odds. Get them a pack of Framar Gator Grips from Amazon.

Nutribullet Nutrient Extractor

If your stylist is one that acknowledges fitness and protein shakes, then you should add this up on your buy list this holiday. Just looking at it, you know this Nutribite blender will come with high firepower to blend fruit and veggies. It can produce up to 24oz of blended Juice with a 600w rotor that can blend with will blend your favorite fruit combo in just seconds. Not to forget its stainless-steel finish that looks so good even just sitting at home. Its quit and affordable product is a small-sized fruit blender.

Scissor and Accessory Keeper

If you want them to look professional then get these plastic scissor boxes for their scissor storage. It’s a cool and stylish way to keep their scissors safe from wear and tear. It’s also a more organized way to keep scissors and a bit more hairstyling accessories. It can store combs, brushes, pins, and clips like the ones mentioned earlier. Get the professional salon accessory keeper for your favorite stylist to help them stay organized.

Facial mask

One thing hairdressers love more than making hair is their skin. They would like to have this Farmer antioxidant hydration mask from the Farmacy store. It is one of the best products out there that is affordable to all and delivers positive results on the face. This facial mask is made from warm honey infused with antioxidants to leave the skin super smooth with a glowing finish. It is suitable for all skin types (dry, oily, or combination type) and works for even or uneven skin textures.

Protein Shake Blender Bottle

All that time they dedicate to blending with a Nutribite blender, they would need a durable blender bottle that would go hand-in-hand with fitness and protein shake blinding. This blender bottle is not just stainless steel, it’s insulated to keep your shakes cold and frosty even under hot weather conditions this is a promise that they can still have a cold drink of their choice.

Lunch Box

Your hairstylist deserves a nice lunchbox, but with so many available options, it can be hard to find something that they’ll like. This all-in-one stackable lunch box by Bentgo is a great choice because it offers plenty of space, with two dividers that make it easy to keep food from mixing. It’s also super stylish and comes in multiple colors — you can’t go wrong with a great gift like this.

Individual Coffee Maker

For a good product, this coffee maker should be affordable to all. At such a low price, it prepares and dispenses coffee in just a few minutes. Although it does not have the capacity to serve two cups at once, the Chulux coffee maker produces 12 oz of hot steamy coffee. It is a light weighted machine that is to wash and maintain. So, if you want your stylist to dispense coffee on demand don’t forget to add this to your cart.

We hope you find useful gifts from our long list of products and find ways to make every gifting experience a fun and memorable one.

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