10 Best Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers – Guide Included

Truck drivers are more than just heads of logistics — they’re the ones who keep our cities and towns stocked with food, goods, and materials. Because of their long hours, tight schedules, and transient lifestyle, truck drivers face a unique set of challenges that most people don’t have to think about.

The right gifts for truckers can help them out in numerous ways: from listening to their favorite music on the road to providing comfort at night while they sleep.

One great way to show appreciation for drivers is by giving practical gifts that improve their driving experience and make their jobs easier.

If you’re faced with the challenge of finding a gift for a truck driver, we’ve done our research and compiled a list of practical items, useful tools and gadgets, and ideal gifts that will serve drivers well. Additionally, we provide a guide to find the perfect gift — getting a good start on your holiday shopping.

10 Best Gifts For Truck Drivers

 Sleeper Berth Mattress

If you’re a truck driver, you know that getting a good night’s sleep is more than just a matter of comfort — it’s a matter of safety. After all, stopping to rest can be difficult when you’re driving 80 feet of 18-wheeler down the highway at times. And of course, truck companies hardly provide mattresses with comfort as their priority. 

Step in for them! Get the Jingwei Tri-foldable mattress, it’s designed with a memory foam that absorbs 90% of body pressure and reset in just seconds. It comes with a foldable cover to keep stains from soaking the inside. 

While at it, you might as well add the Wise Owl outfitters camping pillow. Just like the Jingwei Tri-foldable mattress, this pillow is made with memory foam that folds quite well into a portable cylindrical ball. 

Cowhide Leather Work Gloves

Not all work gloves are created equal. When you’re working in the garage or running errands around town, you need full-leather work gloves that will keep your hands comfortable and protected. Wells Lamont work gloves are specially designed with the best animal hind in the market to give you superior abrasion and puncture resistance — so you can get the job done with confidence. It also got a reinforced leather palm patch to increase durability.

Just in case your drivers need to do some extra work, it’s perfect for construction, ranching, welding, and farming maintenance practices.

High Road Front Seat Organizer

Driving great distances is by far the most lonely experience truck drivers face every time they hit the road. With a passenger seat empty you could help them occupy that space with the Swing Away highway front seat organizer. 

Well, to keep it short it’s just an organizer to allow for easy grab access to a variety of equipment like phone, book, umbrella, or even shades while they try to keep their eyes on the road.

Get this one for your trucker to wish them well this holiday season. It’s a simple gift that would serve them for many years.

Universal Cell Phone Charger Stand

Help them stay charged up even when they are not using their phone with this smart universal charger from VANMASS Tech, it keeps their phone in the front view giving them access at an arm’s stretch. It also supports the wireless charging technology for phones that supports it.

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you have ever traveled with a professional truck driver you would know that they clean their car or truck like a baby — other than giving them names that mark companionship. So if you are in support of such a hygienic worker then you would need to get this car vacuum for them.

Yes, it’s a vacuum, but not to worry it does not need to draw power from your home but your car instead. With a 6ft long cable, you can stretch this high-pressure vacuum into small spaces to remove dirt. With a price that small for such a functional tool, it’s the least you can do for a truck driver.

Rechargeable Headlamp

For any truck driver, a headlamp is a valuable piece of equipment. Alyattes offers this product that provides a portable light source. It’s a good option for drivers who don’t have access to other lighting options.

With 5 LED light bulbs, this headlamp would keep out darkness wherever it is pointed. You can operate in both high and low light settings for three hours and forty-five minutes from just a single charge. 

Its lightweight makes it comforting to wear and with a water resistance feature, it can also be used under heavy storms and rain. For any truck driver who is heating the road this Christmas, it would help them reach their destination in one piece.

Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis is one way for them to invest their leisure time into reading books and exciting novels and magazines from the kindle library. It’s a real companion for those who are always on the road and want to learn a few or two.

Portable Refrigerator

It’s not a good idea for anyone to waste food and drink warm sodas under hot weather conditions so you can do them a big favor by adding this portable refrigerator to your list of gifts packed for truck drivers.

Insulated Tumbler

All truckers need to carry bottles to store up drinks and water, offer them a helping hand with this tin wall insulated water bottle to help them. It has a volume of up to 32oz and an adjustable strap handle for easy movement.

Chair Cushion

Most people who don’t drive for long hours, may not know how discomforting it feels to sit all day driving. To help your drivers feel more comfortable in their seats, send in these cushions that will support their weight and are durable for long use. The Stuffed chair cushion is what every trucker needs to drive in comfort.

Our Guide On How To Gift A Truck Driver

Many people have a hard time deciding what to give as gifts, especially when it comes to truck drivers. Sometimes the gift is off-topic, outdated, or doesn’t serve its purpose well. This has led many to lose interest in gifting away from all the mess. 

To help keep your gifting culture going strong, we’ve created this section to help you with accurate guidance on how to go about it. Each subtopic outlines important notes that will spark ideas and insight to boost your creativity. We only hope you learn a few things that will eventually be useful.

Gifts for better driving experience

Driving can be difficult when there’s no way to enjoy it, as truck drivers hit the road for days, they usually get burnout from traveling long distances, they would need all the rest they can get for their next assignment. 

When looking for gifts that would enhance the driving experience you should be on the look for equipment, gadgets, and car accessories that provide a wide range of services. This makes them even more excited to travel without a companion. Below are a few items to let them get the best driving experience.

  • Navigation Console: Modern technology has made traveling easier than ever before, with google maps API integrated into almost every console in the country, they can travel anywhere without ever asking for directions. It’s not what many truckers would like, as most are fond of traditionally asking for help. It gives them access to voice instructions, traffic status, and nearby locations, just in case they need some supplies.
  • Car Power Inverter: This will not occur to you that when picking gifts that need electricity to function they would also need an extension to plugin in accessories. This is very important and should be part of any gift list you intend to give a trucker. With a truck as big as theirs there’s no need to worry about them running out of power.
  • Music Subscription: Although some prefer satellite radio, music subscriptions like Spotify, Apple  Music, Boomplay, etc would let them take advantage of their stereo. To find a long-term solution for this, use vouchers or gift cards to purchase subscriptions that would restart, either quarterly or annually.
  • Refrigerators: One way to keep the mind focused is having a chilled soda or drink when they travel. Refrigerators have come a long way from being bulky appliances that could only stay in the kitchen. They are now available for cars. But among many cars that come with fridges in this modern-day, trucks usually don’t. According to truckers themselves, they prefer two types of refrigerators. The Wagan EL6206 electric cooler or the Midea WHS-65LB1 dorm fridge. They are the best when considering budget and functionality.

Gifts For entertainment

Entertainment is one way to enjoy leisure time. While they travel for different assignments, they would need some materials to help them enjoy trips. This section provides you with insights on gadgets that will be interesting and entertaining for anyone particularly.

  • Portable Console: Everyone wants a bit of fun in their lives and for truck drivers, a portable gaming console like a PSVITA or a Nintendo Switch could even do more than just keep them entertained, it will help them ease off their stress. These portable gaming consoles allow them to interact with friends and family in and outside game rooms, sharing different gaming experiences across great distances.
  • Compact HD TV: Even with a mobile phone, they won’t get all the experience of a regular-sized television so give them portable televisions that they can carry around and set up easily.
  • Portable Outdoor speaker: One way to enjoy music on the go is with a portable surround sound outdoor speaker. With an outdoor speaker, they can connect their devices or even their compact HD TV and stream whatever they want. What better way can they enjoy themselves during their free time as they travel.

Gifts for Work Purposes – 200

Get the gifts that would increase their productivity and strength to carry on. To achieve this you should focus your attention on some of the most common issues truck drivers face. Which are: unexpected road stops due to car repair issues, insomnia, aches, and pains. 

  • Sleeping Aid Device: Those long hours of driving are tough, especially on the body. Give their tired muscles what they need with a sleeping aid device. One or two daily sessions of relaxing muscle exercises will leave them feeling relaxed, refreshed, and revitalized. Sleeping aid devices usually have a touch-sensitive surface that gives a comfortable, secure grip for stability, it will help them fall asleep in due time.
  • Work Equipment: Being able to tackle motor problems is what professional truckers do. They are always ready to fix repairs but when they want to work they sometimes need equipment and tools that are not provided by the truck company. It would waste much of their time if they would need to visit a repair shop so in order to help them tackle these unforeseen problems you can get a toolbox set for them.
  • Massage Device: Massaging their aches and pains away is a great way to improve productivity levels. With portable massaging devices, they should be able to do this on-demand. Or when off the road you could visit a nearby spa. Gift them a Spa voucher to get the best massage they need for a clear mind.

Plan A Surprise Event

Surprise your drivers with a little gift — even if they think that they have everything and don’t want anything. Just like everyone else, they enjoy being surprised, so get together with their friends and family to plan a surprise activity or event that you think would be fun for them — like a BBQ at their house, going to the movies, or meeting up with some friends for a night out.

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