Best Gift Ideas for Drummers – They Actually Use

Best Gift Ideas for Drummers

‘Music is life and life is music”. Those were the words of my musical instructor from back in the day. Music, in my opinion, is a fundamental block of living. We simply need it. This is why it is always good to reward good musicians, Always! Drummers often get overlooked in everyday activities. From their bandmates; to the fans of bands and so on. 

8 Thoughtful Gift for Drummers

Drummers are an integral part of every band. They may not be the ones with the most glamour, but they are as important as any other band member. A way to thank the drummer for all their hard work and dedication is by getting them a gift. By providing them with a small token of appreciation, you can show them how much they mean to you and your band.

Drum Key

Since you are not a drummer at all you definitely wouldn’t know the use of this. It is a very well-known tool in the drummer community. A drum key is used for tuning the heads of drums. They often get misplaced by drummers due to their small size. You would be loved by the drummer in your life if you got one of these, as they may be looking for one they lost. 

These drum keys are very affordable and they usually cost less than $10 and can be gotten from amazon by a multitude of retailers. So, you are in luck, it is affordable and available. You can try checking Amazon to get one.

Drum Sticks

The next gift on our list is a little more familiar to those who do not usually drum. We are talking about drum sticks. I mean it was already in the title. This is a term more people should recognize. Drum sticks, I believe, are the most essential tool to any drummer. 

You can produce great tempo sounds without having a full drum kit. All you need are your hands, and of course, sticks. These are great for anyone interested in getting into drumming. Luckily, drum sticks are easily found and they also cost less than $10. You can also easily get a pair of drumsticks WOGOD. 

Drumstick Bag

A drummer would need something to hold their drum sticks and other tools so that they don’t loosen up, which would mean replacing them if they get damaged.  A drumstick bag can easily help a drummer store his/her equipment without fear of having to lose them. These may not seem like much, but they go a long way to helping a drummer. Drum stick bags can be gotten here.

Drum Dampeners

This might seem like a strange one to anyone who doesn’t know their way around a drum set. In other words, someone who is not an avid drummer. Drum Dampeners are soft, jelly-like substances that are placed on the top of drums. Drum dampeners help reduce the frequencies of drums which in turn helps control the tone of the drum.

Given the nature of these dampeners, they often finish and need replacement. Most people don’t think of this as a gift so I am certain that your drummer would appreciate it. Plus, you will be saving them some time. You can get a drum dampener here.

Gift Cards

If you have a busy schedule and lack time to go out and look for gifts for them. You would need to go another way around to find a gift for the drummer in your life. Getting a gift card would allow them to find the right gift or product by themselves. 

It leaves you without worrying or thinking of what exactly they would want. It does not stop there, you do not have to find gift cards as means to get other product gifts, you could also try to get vouchers and other cards for music streaming services and more. Some of the gifts you should consider are Amazon gift cards and iTunes.

Practice Pad

We have all heard the saying, practice makes perfect. It is true and drummers also need practice no matter how much experience they have or how good they are. A practice pad allows drummers to practice new beats. Practice pads also allow a drummer to exercise their hands and wrists while also rehearsing ahead of gigs or performances.


Distraction can be a pain for anyone, not just drummers. Distraction reduces our focus from our goals and objectives. Sometimes a drummer would need to get lost in their thoughts to look for new beats and rhythms, or sometimes they might just need some time to themselves for getting into a flow or for rehearsing.

Distraction can pose a big problem in this case. This is why it is always handy to have a good pair of earplugs around. Earplugs can sometimes be the best gift you can get for a drummer as you would be helping them focus. Luckily for you, earplugs are really affordable and can be found almost anywhere.

Drumming Video Game

This next gift item on our list may seem like an oddball. I assure you it is not. It has a lot more advantages compared to the con. This gift is almost perfect for any drummer. And It’s much more preferable when they are video game lovers. 

A drumming video game does not only allow a drummer to practice, it also allows them to enjoy themselves and express their feelings. It is also a great way to try new tricks and much more. Although this gift may cost a bit more than others, it is sure a win for you to get your drummer’s appreciation, especially if they are gamers.

What more would a drummer want other than having to practice and having fun while doing so. It is a near-perfect gift. Some drumming games for you to get your drummer can be found here.

There you have it, 8 wonderful gifts to get the drummer in your life. These are sure when you want to get on the good side of a drummer or when you want to simply appreciate them for their effort. 

Our Guide on What to Get A Drummer

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about drummers, it’s nearly impossible to surprise them with a good gift. And most of the items that they want for their music careers are out of the price range for most people. Gifts for drummers are tricky — they need to appeal to their personal tastes and make it easy for them to practice or play.

What to Get Your Drummer Friend

Drummers are the heart of every musical band, even the lead singer cannot create outstanding vocals that will keep the crowd entertained. Getting gifts shouldn’t be just picking up drumsticks from the grocery store, it should be all about making good friendships that will stand the test of time. We appreciate the time taken to read our gift list above, so we prepared this section to recommend some cool ideas on how to make your gifting experience a memorable one.

  • Recorder: Recorders are the best device to have in the pocket. It gives you the convenience of recording and testing their sound while perfecting their base. Just ask them how important their base is to the band and they will tell their story. To cut the case, get them a recorder and watch their performance peak.
  • Stick Bag: What’s a set of drums without sticks? Just a drum. So, you see how this accessory is important to have, it’s not about carrying and searching for their sticks when the show is about to start. It keeps the sticks attached to the side of the drums, so you don’t need to start searching before you begin.

What They Don’t need

If you think they will accept anything then you might be wrong there, unfortunately, drummers like most musicians are stereotypical towards accessories. From picking the drums with the best sound, playing comfort, to choosing gears and add-ons that will aid them to produce better quality music. To help you lookout for the “Must-not-have” on your shopping list we have provided a few idea items to kickstart your shopping. 

  • Drums: Hard to say, but unless they are just kids growing up or beginners, don’t ever try to buy replacement drums for your drummer friend. Imagine, someone, getting you a phone that should, in time, replace your current one. It’s not a well-thought-out plan, isn’t it? That’s why you shouldn’t get a drum only, do this when you know which drum they want. It’s not a winning move on the giver’s side.
  • Heavy Equipment: Have you ever watched a drummer unpack his equipment after a gig, show, or rehearsal. You notice they are usually the last to leave the stage as their equipment isn’t easy to unpack, carry and drop off. You don’t want to add up to their stress so always look for equipment, gears, and accessories that aren’t heavy or bulky. 

Don’t Spend All Your Money

In their rush to get the holiday shopping done, many people fall victim to spending beyond their budget. As a result, they end up broke or with items they won’t use or enjoy. To avoid this predicament, you have to know your limits. Rather than wasting money on items that won’t fit or feel right, skip them and opt for more reasonable gifts — or save your cash until year-end promotions take effect.

Open your Mind and Stay Creative

If you’re stuck on what to give the person in your life who already has everything, try something outside of the box. A unique item that will help them accessorize their life and be more creative is sure to win you some brownie points. Just remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry — P.S, don’t get them an ordinary bracelet or keychain from Walmart as a gift.

Do a Little Stalking and Questioning

Social media accounts are rife with inspiration — from friends’ posts to trends and even advertisements. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest users can all provide you with ideas for products — finding a gift for your sister’s birthday, for example, might be as easy as searching her name on Pinterest or clicking the gift tag on her Facebook timeline.

Use these daily tools to find out what they want and add it up to your list of items. Don’t be afraid to ruin the surprise with questions, everyone loves to see some effort put on their behalf. So go ahead and get them the things they want. Keep an open mind and stealth through your patterns of questioning to keep it simple. 

Plan a Surprise Party

If you know a band’s favorite food, planning a surprise doesn’t have to be hard. This is because there are plenty of ways you can give them a gift that they’ll really appreciate without putting in too much effort. For example, getting the kids together to write a song for them — as long as it’s not something they wouldn’t like, you’re good to go!

Let’s Conclude with a Little Advice

Personalized gifts are always the best gifts — and you can easily find a personalized gift for your drummer. You may think that drummers want nothing but music gear, but they actually appreciate anything that offers them a sense of nostalgia, from old albums to vinyl sets to posters. Do they love live music? Then you need to keep tabs on great concert tickets.

Everyone works hard for the people around them. Musicians are no different. They pour their heart and soul into making great music for you to enjoy — show your drummer some love in return. Use this special holiday season to show your appreciation through thoughtful gifts like new equipment or a brand-new set of cymbals.

If you want to strengthen your relationship with friends and family, then check out our amazing holiday gift guide. Whether you’re looking for gifts for your best friend, mother, or boss, we’ve got everything you need! Here at Good Gift Zone.

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