10 Wonderful Gifts for Your Colleagues

Wonderful Gifts for Your Colleagues

Stop worrying about how appropriate your gifts are with these 10 amazing gifts for co-workers.  Plus a few great tips for making the most out of gift shopping.

Working at the office is never fun for everyone, and for those special colleagues who dedicate their time and effort to making your work experience a memorable one, you sure wouldn’t want to let them down when they are counting on you the most. 

For every precious moment, celebrate them with not just sweets and treats, but with gifts that will serve them for many years.  To cut short the difficulty while shopping, here are a few gifts that would be great for your co-workers. Here is a list of 10 great gifts for your co-workers:

What are Good, Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers

The Legend Planner Journal

“Create the life you have always wanted”. It’s one of the most innovative quotes used to describe Faux leather planners. It’s updated, it’s durable, it’s yet again luxurious in terms of design and style. No wonder it’s one of the best-selling products in its category with over 500 plus reviews. 

Simple to use, with well-prepared guides to help you get the most out of planning activity. This is a gift that keeps on giving as it will help your colleague stay organized, increase productivity and achieve goals.  other than a great design that is accepted by both sex, it also provides a wide selection of colors to pick from, so you can always get the one they like.

Price: $24.99 & Free Shipping

Where to Find Them: Visit the Legend Planner Store.

Three little Mouse Antique Lamp

This one is for everyone who appreciates antiques and rare collectibles. Not that this is a rare item, but would serve that same purpose in the life of the receiver. Why let them keep a broken old lamp when they can have a unique peace like this one. These 3 little mice sitting on the surface are a gift that would remind them of your kindness anytime they are talked about. They are attractive but sold at a small price, so this should definitely be on your shopping list.

Price: $23.99

Where to Find Them: Etsy.

The Ember Electronic Coffee Mug

For the busy execs who can never seem to get enough of their morning coffee, there’s an Ember mug that lets them sip on their favorite brew for hours. With its temperature-adjustable base, they can set it to their preferred temperature and receive notifications within the app on their phone. While the price might be on the high side, I consider this product one that’s definitely worth it. for its amazing features, it would most likely win the hearts of your colleagues.

Price: $99.55

Where to Find Them: Amazon.

Nordic By Nature Neoprene Lunch Bag

Make her the talk of the office with these cool lunch bags from nature Nordic stores. It’s designed not only for aesthetic lovers but for those who like a soft grip. With two sizes to pick from (Large and Medium) and a wide range of colors, you should be able to find them a favorite. 

And, let’s not forget about the insulation feature, this bag can keep out the cold and hold down the heat. With this the lunch bag should be able to retain more heat, giving your food enough heat to stay fresh till lunch break. This should be a very useful item for a co-worker, don’t you think?

Price: $21.97

Where to Find Them: Amazon.

Cheryl’s Cookies Gift Box 

The best food gifts are those that taste homemade but without a massive time commitment. That’s why we’re recommending Cheryl’s holiday tin. Her satiny cutout cookies melt in your mouth and will have you recklessly shoving a few more into your mouth as soon as possible. Or if you’d rather treat the whole family, the Christmas tree packaging is a cute way to show your love this holiday season.

Buttercream frosted cut-out cookies are the ideal treat for any occasion. Whether you’re planning a bake sale or just want to share an incredible dessert with your friends, these individually wrapped treats are perfect for sharing with friends, family, or co-workers.

Price: $49.99

Where to Find Them: Cheryl’s Cookies Store on Amazon.

2 Tier Bento Work/School Lunch Pack

The DT001 2 Tier Bento Box Bundle Soft Cooler is our favorite lunchbox, and we think it’s a great choice for your co-worker who makes a habit of packing their own meals each week. With a spacious interior that’s finished with a cushioned bottom and sturdy handle, you won’t have to worry about a cracked lunchbox ruining a work meeting. If your co-worker hasn’t already picked it up for their daily lunch routine, share the wealth! 

Price: $14.99

Where to Find Them: The DT001 Store on Amazon.

Thermos Insulated Vaccum Flask

Even after hours of exposure to the cold, Thermos vacuum insulation technology keeps coffee at its optimal drinking temperature, delivering a piping hot morning pick-me-up or an afternoon midweek jolt without adding any extra stack. It fits into any cupholder, messenger bag, or backpack with ease, making it an ideal gift for any traveler, co-worker, or any lover of coffee.

Price: $ 29.99

Where to Find Them: Thermos Store Amazon.

Socks on Demand from Socks Club

Socks Club is a unique sock subscription service that sends unique pairs of socks to its subscribers every month. The subscription covers different styles and vibes, including athletic socks, professional socks, and statement socks; all of them utilitarian and fashionable at the same time. Great for gifting and receiving — great for men and women alike — it’s a simple but special gift that relieves stress while brightening up your month.  If you’re considering this product, you have two options. Either get it for them or subscribe as a gift. So you see, It’s a no-brainer to not consider adding this item to your list.

Price: Starting at $12.99/month.

Where to Find Them: The Socks Club.

Nothing Ear One

The Ear One earbuds bring the best of both worlds to one simple, beautiful design. No wires or visible buds? Check. Comfortable fit for all ears? Check. Beautiful transparent finish? Check. With its compatibility across all devices, customizable fit with three sets of silicon ear tips for every size, and its gorgeous aesthetics, the Ear One is the perfect gift for everyone in your life — co-workers, friends, family, and more.

Price: Starting at $99.

Where to Find Them: Nothing Wireless.

Function 101 Bento Stack Charge 5000

For our final product, we have the Function 101 Bento Stack Charge 5000 box from Huck Berry. What a complicated name it is but not as complicated when it comes to functionality. This product is a specially designed housing for mostly apple products like AirPods, Pencil, Apple Watch, USB cables, and some minor accessories that can fit in the box. It keeps these items safe from scratch and provides a wireless charging brick that supports them all.

Price: $79.99

Where to Find Them: The Function 101 Store On Amazon.

Our Guide on How to Choose Gifts For Your Colleagues

01 When should you send gifts?

Birthdays Gifts

Keeping up with their birth dates. boy oh Boy, I sure hope they do too. it’s important to maintain mutual respect when it comes to office relationships, regardless of how much you think you should celebrate their birthdays only do when you feel is convenient for the both of you. you don’t want to send the wrong message to your colleague. 

If you plan on sending gifts on their birthday then use a bit of the info you know about them to find the perfect gift. For example, start with a few gifts that remind them of their hobby. If he or she is interested in yoga, put in some work and gift them a yoga mat, Pants, gear, sneakers, or socks that would help them save money or replace old ones. 

you could also try getting them so work-related material, but only do so when you think they lack one, want to replace or they don’t have the money for a new one.

A Token of Appreciation

A token of appreciation is like a message that reminds them you care and appreciate their help on a previous task. This is one of the coolest ways to gift your colleague as it is somehow attached to a sense of formality. And try not to worry about formality, it’s not boring it’s the office.

Apology: “I apologize and am sorry can you forgive me” For most people, these are very strong words. For some, it’s just a bluff, they don’t really mean it. But how can you settle the scores politely? I mean, nobody wants bad blood in their workplace. If you are stuck in such a situation then try some of these ideas.

  • Send flowers: Have heard of the letterbox flowers, they seem to catch anyone’s attention even a special friend, even at work. But best advice to send these to the office, only private address. Throw in some notes if you feel like it just to let them know why exactly you sent them. Up next! we have a little special candle.
  • Luxury Scent Candles: Now, I was almost going to add some attractive snack basket, I once used to apologize but, honestly, eating food from someone who just happen to offend you would is a no-brainer. since you might be unaware of their intent. For a good replacement of sweets and snacks, send them a candle. it calls out your intent and tells an offended colleague how sorry you are. Well, almost did. Just give it a try and see the results.

02 Keep The Expensive Items Out of Your List

Get this straight! What’s the difference between a co-worker and a friend. It’s simple, the relationship type. Close relationships at the office might send across, the wrong message if you don’t recognize where the boundaries are, and with a relationship that’s all about work, you mustn’t go Ape-shit and max out your credit card for a gift that would be unappreciated or tossed aside. 

Remember there are treasures in memorable moments. Ones more valuable than precious metals, and of course finding such moments aren’t easy but they don’t often require one to overly spend to impress. See your work relationship for what, and not what you want it to be. From my perspective, your budget shouldn’t exceed $100 to $200 dollars. With the right budget in mind, I think you are good to go!

03 Cooperate Corner

To keep you on the right path, I prepared this cooperate corner to address a few important issues. Yes, you would say most are common knowledge, but sometimes common knowledge isn’t as common as you may think. And many people might have never encountered events that create experiences of these kinds. 

  • Maintaining a positive environment:  Working with colleagues in a friendly environment should be considered a very important asset to you as sending in gifts at the office might spike up rumors and gossip that could disrupt such peace. You should learn to keep a low profile and send the right message. This can be done by going for gifts that are appropriate and useful to your colleague.
  • Why you should be respectful: Respect doesn’t come naturally; it’s something that must be earned every day. The way to earn your co-worker or employee’s respect is to demonstrate your work ethic. When you make this effort, you show them what they could gain by following your lead. While showing your work ethic can gain their respect, effective leadership can help retain it. With a full understanding of your persona, they would understand your reason for gifting, and with such understanding comes the best gifting experience you could ever have.

Wow! You made it to the finish line, I hope you enjoyed reading our article and find solutions in them as well. If you plan on sending gifts to your colleague during the holidays, birthdays, or just another day to mark treasurable milestones, scroll through our gift list for the most convenient present for them.  Be sure to leave a message or an email if you require further assistance.

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