Gift of Prime Trick – 6 Amazon Prime Tricks

Enhance your shopping experience with these secrete Prime Tricks

Holiday shopping can take a chunk of your income and the best way to save a few dollars or get some extra benefit is with the prime subscription. 

Not all shoppers are aware of these glorious merits that come with a premium package and with the Halloween season knocking at your door, you definitely need to learn these tricks quickly and start applying them to your purchase. 

Here is a list of some popular Prime Benefits:

  1. Kindle First: Gain access to new books for free from the Kindle First picks.
  2. Free Same Day Delivery and Free Shipping: These two features are area-specific can are only applicable in the U.S.
  3. Kindle Owners: This feature allows you to borrow one book each calendar month from kindle’s 1,000,000 plus book library.
  4. Prime Reading:  use your Kindle tablet to read over 1,000 affordable Kindle books, magazines, and comics.
  5. Amazon Elements: Access Amazon lines of everybody’s essentials.
  6. Prime Music: Ads free music streaming to Amazon’s music library.
  7. Membership sharing: This is one of the most anticipated prime features and it allows you to share the prime experience.

So If you’re not already a member of Amazon Prime, then you can definitely see that you are missing out on some great perks. There are so many benefits to join for just $12 per month, or $119 a year, and here are just a few of them:

For the Friends Who Can’t Afford Prime

The Amazon Prime feature is one that could be shared among friends and family, or precisely the BFs you know you can trust with your card details. The household prime feature allows for more participants to share a subscription, this could even cut half the annual billing of $119 to just a few dollars, depending on the number of users in sync. Just connect your emails on the household section and that’s all—all members can share equally these amazing prime features like; HD Music and video streaming, next-day delivery. 

Alternatively, If you have a surprise planned for them then follow these baby steps to send the gift of Prime.

  • Step 1: Head on to the Amazon Prime Signup page, scroll all the way to the bottom to find the prime share link.
  • Step 2:  Choose the option that you prefer, for the one-time payment it would cost $12 but for the annual which is more valuable since you gain access to a variety of new benefits every month, it would only cost $119. Select your plan.
  • Step 3: Add to cart and view cart, then click on the option that indicates, send to an email recipient. Voula it’s that simple! 

For Your Diehard Gamer Paws

Did you know Amazon owns the popular live streaming service “Twitch Tv”? Am thinking no! You don’t. Twitch is one of the world’s most popular Video game streaming services. And since this company is owned by Amazon, with your prime subscription, you should be able to gain access to a perk called Prime Loot. This gives you access to hundreds of games to play. 

Some of these games are quite interesting and in their initial release won mega gaming awards. Don’t expect a stash of amateur games. The Prime loot game collections are refreshed with new games every week so you could hint your gamer friend about these opportunities while sending them a prime membership.

For the Friends Who Love Clothing

Have you ever ordered something and got something entirely different from what you ordered? Well, this feature is for those friends who want to shop safely online. This feature is called Prime Wardrobe, it lets you order clothing and accessories without even paying for them. 

Well, not entirely. The Prime wardrobe allows you to test and try out items for close-up inspections. If you like them, you pay for them. If you don’t, you return them. This is one gift your friends would benefit, until the end of their gift subscription. So it’s a gift you definitely wouldn’t want them to miss out on.

Save Some Cash for Your Next Gift Shopping

Having so many friends and family to send gifts during holidays, you would always feel the pressure of heavy spending, and as such Amazon Prime Day is a date you can’t afford to miss out on. This is almost like a Black Friday festival but celebrated annually in July. Amazon on this day reduces the price of most of their catalog items for prime members only. So don’t forget to remind that special friend or family member about adding July 21st to their event calendar. So they don’t miss out on a huge discount.

Gift Them Their Favourite Shows For Free

Yep! It’s no gimmick just as true as the title. This benefit of prime is one of the most used prime features of all. Just like Netflix, Amazon allows you to stream HD movies and TV Shows for free. Some of these movies are even in line with the current seasons and episodes available on other popular on-demand streaming platforms. Just pick and watch. It’s easy to use. This could be one of the best gifts to give a friend. To cut off their entertainment worries for an entire year.

Save On Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is essential and as such a lot of people spend out of their budget and only depend on credit card cashback. For a mother, a sister, girlfriend, or anyone who loves to do the cooking and grocery shopping, this gift would be as precious as a golden goose. It not only gives you a discount on shopping but allows you to participate in exclusive shopping opportunities from Whole Food. Whole Food is a grocery supermarket owned by Amazon. Its located virtually everywhere in America so feel free to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you want to unlock some major prime secrets then check this book on prime tips and tricks by Mark Howard.

We know the right present is hard to find — that’s why we want you to try Amazon Prime. With just a few dollars, you can give your loved ones everything they want and everything they need — from the latest movies and TV shows to everyday household essentials, with fast, free shipping.