Gift To Cheer Someone up – 3 Easy Follow Ideas

We all occasionally encounter downtimes on our courageous journey in life and need someone to cheer us up occasionally. 

Even when consumed by these sad moments triggered by losing a loved one, heartbreak, or illness, we need to find the simplest way to put a smile on their faces regardless of how inconceivable it may be at the moment. 

One of the best ways to achieve this is by gifting presents or experiences to these loved ones, apart from being there, showing love, care and support.

A gift does not have to be expensive but effective enough to create an impact in the life of the receiver, creating not just an emotional connection but an intimate awareness of love and care. 

To assist you on you your journey we have compiled a list of great presents and experiences to gift that special someone in pain.

Did You Know?

People mimic the behaviors of others, especially when it comes to giving. This concept was proven quite clearly in the 2000’s hit film “Play it Forward” where one person started an entire movement towards giving and helping people who they know nothing about. 

After aiding support and donations, others tend to follow afterward as they feel obliged to do so. Additionally, a study in 2010 found that a participant gave money away and the recipients of that money are most likely to themselves.

Gifting and helping people has so many positive benefits in the life of the giver and the receiver. Just supporting someone through a hard time can save a lot more other persons as feel the urge and desire to spread such contagious love.

Gifting The Right Way

When gifting a present or experience, it’s important to keep a heads up for clues and signs that would help ensure your gifts are cherished and appreciated. 

Although statistics show that women are known to be the best giver of presents, men, however, put more time and research into giving, but occasionally neglect the desires and need for such gifts from the opposite sex. 

To avoid joining the large numbers, put more time and energy into finding the right gift desired, or will turn out useful to the receivers of your presents.

1. Music Album

Music has a way of lifting the spirit, connecting thoughts with rhythms that resonate with your past or current happenings is worth more than a thousand spoken words. Sometimes it’s not just about the trendy songs but the ones that are relatable. 

You can decide to prepare a mixtape or get a Jorja Smith’s album, can do wonders to bringing life back into the down spirited. If they don’t seem to give you the opportunity this to them, find a way to put the album or songs in a spot they cannot miss. 

I would recommend the doorsteps. Not sayings you should get another Jorjah Smith album but try something similar or get a raw disc to compile songs of potent energy that pass the message across.

2. Customized Scrap Book 

Personalized gifts like a handcrafted photo album allow you to be creative in putting things that ignite captured memories together. 

Using a product like the instant photo printer which can give you high-quality hard copies of photos saved on your device, start building and putting together scraps and items inside photo albums. Scraps could be receipts, tickets from shared events, or mementos that would make them reminisce about the good old days.

Nothing brings a glimpse of hope like a positive thought that they can survive whatever they are going through and a few throwbacks can be a step forward. To get started on how to put together a photo album, read more from here [1].

3. Broadway  Basketeers Chocolate Sympathy Gift Basket 

A chocolate basket is a perfect gift to express your condolence to loved ones who have lost someone precious to them. It comes with letter ideas, wine, and varieties of chocolates that can be very useful in lonely times.

Remember that not everyone loves chocolate and may be allergic to some of its ingredients so keep an open mind to suggestions that would not endanger their health.

4. Letterbox Flower

The Blooms & Wild letterbox flower that comes in varieties of bright elegant colors would sip through their letter plates without making a sound at the door front. 

For several months now, these flowers have been trending on social media doing more than cheering up people the down spirited, elderly, and as well as couples at weddings and special gatherings, and you just don’t see why not. 

For less than $60 you can place an order for your favorite flower among many others, or deliver it straight to their home or office in the intended style you wish to present. 

5. Encouragement cards

A glimpse of hope is just another way to get them back on their feet and these cards would surely do the trick. These encouragement cards when pulled out at random quotes encouraging statements from men and women who have had great impacts on the world. Being an affordable present makes it a must-take for preparing gifts while sustaining a budget. 

The creative makers of the Encouragement card[2] also made room for customization, adding some personal trademarks would let them know you didn’t pick this up from the nearby gift store but shows the effort you put into getting it. 

6. Bedsure Leather Journal Notebook

Other than looking like a mystery novel pulled out from JK Rowling’s popular movie, Harry Potter. This Rustic Handmade Vintage Leather Bound Journal is a present that allows them to relive their most cheerful memories as they write their tales and adventure in this self-reflective journal. This will assist in taking out the pains they need to let out. 

According to Wikipedia, journal writing which is now often regarded as journal therapy can be used to heal a writer’s physical or psychological problem by creating walkthroughs over traumatic experiences such as illness, addiction, or relationship problems that they may have encountered with others.

7. Wine Hamper

Liquor and booze being famous party starters, they can also be a short relief to heal internal wounds. Giving the right set is what’s important, too much drinking is not acceptable so keep that in mind while sending such presents. 

Or rather plan a surprise visit with a lot of connected friends to keep them company in the meantime.  Like Herbert. H Hampery said “ the greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received it” so why not give them a dose to cheer up a bit.

Take Them Out

One major disadvantage of living alone is not really having an immediate shoulder to cry on when you are all alone. Planning a surprise outing for the two of you at your favorite or new spot to hang out will make them feel better.

Most people who are going through a hard time when exposed to some levels of fun and excitement, blossom in joy and settle happily, especially when it’s an outdoor activity under daylight. You can put together a list to help explore interesting activities for two. Here is a list will to help you get started:

1. Yoga 

Looking for peace and stability in the midst of chaos is just what yoga was designed for. While both out and indoor yoga is recommended, outdoor does a lot more cheering up than any other kegel exercise. Some exposure to the fresh air, as you take rounds of deep breaths, allows you to melt sorrows away. 

Yoga does really does wonders for the body and soul as it puts your mind at rest while strengthening your immune system and lowers your blood pressure. Additionally, yoga is well known for reducing stress levels and help mitigate heart diseases.

2. Hiking

Hiking is another outdoor activity that improves health and mental wellbeing. Just taking a peaceful walk down the park or a climb to the mountain top would get your heart pounding just fast enough to feel that adrenaline surging through your veins. 

It is medically proven that hiking can boost bone density, being expose to such cardio exercise will eventually allow you to express yourself to the fullest. Why not set up a hike near your residence and invite them for a rough climb.

3. Paddling 

Padding is one of those common outdoor activities that literally no one can say no to. Lovers of paddling, countless times mention that peace and serenity are the go-to experiences. 

Whether it’s at the lake, a park, a river downtown, or an artificially made water body, the fun is no different. Get that special someone out of their bed and hop on a canon to get paddling. It does not only improves mental health but your strength and stamina as well.

4. Swimming 

Swimming is not just about wearing sunscreen at the beachside but a common recreational activity that allows the introduction of a variety of game rules to make it more fun and interesting. 

Some swimming activities for adults and kids could involve volleyball games, pool card games, and tug of war. Explore interesting pool games that can be played by both small and large gatherings.

5. Take Them Somewhere New

Other fun exciting outdoor games, go exploring an unfamiliar spot is no doubt, thrilling for any first-timer, look out for the good places you haven’t visited, restaurants, parks, games, events, shops, museums, etc.

Make Them Feel Better With Conversation

1. Phone Call

Sometimes being a bit far from a loved one in pain limits our abilities to make them feel better, when such conditions are placed, it’s important to talk through the phone, facetime, or any other social media that agrees with your intent.

It’s important to speak your words with care and try to support them as they allow you in on getting to the roots of their problems. Video calls like facetime also bring great responses as they see and feel more comfortable talking like it’s an actual one-on-one conversation. Give it a try and you would see how it would help.

2. Over Chat

Sometimes you can be very busy or occupied at the moment when they need your care and support and can’t afford to take a Phone or video call. It’s important to know that chat is still a very suitable option in times like these. 

While using chat to get across to them, it’s important to avoid excessive jokes as most people feel they are being taken as ridiculous or unserious. Some cheer up quotes and messages to leave behind:

  1. “Don’t give up when dark times come. The more storms you face in life, the stronger you’ll be. Hold on. Your greater is coming.”
  2. “The sky is everywhere, it begins at your feet.”
  3. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself and you will be happy.”
  4. “I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.”
  5. “Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable. You are you, I am I.” (Meme Bams, 2021).

3. Tell Jokes

If there’s anything that brightens the mood, it’s a ridiculous joke, go get a book of jokes to practice if you don’t really have a good sense of humor. Here is a list of laughable jokes from Get Well Soon to try out:

  1. A man walks into the doctor’s and the doctor says, “I’ve not seen you for a while.” The man replies, “Yes, I’ve been ill.”
  2. Working at a Hospital is the worst cause you can’t call in sick. You: “Yeah, I can’t come in today, I’m sick.” Boss: “Come on in, we’ll check you out.”
  3. Doc says, “Joe, I got some bad news for you. You’ve got six months to live.” Joe says, “Six months? Doc, I can’t pay your bill in six months, I can’t do it!” Doc says, “OK, I give you a year…”
  4. Where do sick boats go to get healthy? To the dock!
  5. I hate that feeling after surgery when you’re not sure if you’re awake or asleep or if you operated on the right patient.