How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Gifts? – Tips To Determine The Budget

Expecting a child brings joy to the family and the closest friends, relatives, and colleagues. We can’t deny that babies are adorable and always deserve the best, even if the mother hasn’t even given birth to their child. With that, the family would pull off a baby shower party which shows how excited and grateful they are for the opportunity of being parents. And perhaps you might be one of the guests for this event, and you probably think about looking for a perfect baby shower gift. 

Yes, looking for baby shower gifts could be quite overwhelming and challenging. And with that, you might think about how much to spend on a baby shower gift. That’s why in this article, we are going to help you determine how much to spend on baby shower gifts. We will help you get that bundle of joy gifts that would be useful for the baby. Regardless of your relationship with the baby, you can always find the best baby shower gift that fits your budget. 

Defining the Budget for a Baby Shower Gift

Baby showers are one of the parties where families, friends, and other relatives gather and offer gifts. The soon-to-be parents would appreciate it if you attended one of the most important events in their life. Of course, it would be better if you attend the event with a gift for the coming baby. However, it’s quite challenging to think how much to spend on a baby shower gift, especially since there are many options in the market. 

So, how much to spend on a baby shower gift? Baby shower gifts range between $50-$200 if you are a family member. However, if you are a distant relative, you can spend about $50 and below. Finally, if you’re a colleague of the parents, the budget goes from $50-$150 and may still vary on how close you are to the soon-to-be parents. 

Tips on Knowing how to Spend on a Baby Shower Gift

If you want to get some tips about how much to spend on a baby shower gift, read down below for helpful information.

  1. How well do you know the parents?

One of the factors to consider is the closeness you have with your parents. You probably ask yourself, how close you are to your parents. Having said that, it will help you know how much to spend on a baby shower gift. 

  1. Baby Shower Gifts below $50 

If you are a co-worker, distant cousin, or acquaintance, you are not always necessary to spend a lot of money on a baby shower gift. There are lots of baby stuff that are low in price but with greater quality. You can buy anything like lotions, baby shampoos, and soap, or even a bottle warmer. Of course, looking for a gift for this budget can be quite challenging, but you can still look for fun and cute gifts that the soon-to-be parents will appreciate most. Check out some of the gift ideas that are not more than $50.

  • Swan tub 
  • Diapers 
  • Mitten and boots
  • Cap 
  1. Baby Shower Gifts above $50 but not more than $150

If you are a cousin, close friend, or relative who has enough budget for a baby shower gift, then there’s no problem about how much to spend on a baby shower gift. You can actually give presents ranging from $50. This budget will let you become more thoughtful and creative with your present. 

You may also consider gift baskets, so it would be easier for you to shop for gifts at that price. However, you can make your arrangement of gifts about what you think was right. Check out these gift ideas for $50 and above budget. 

  • Sound machine 
  • Nursery Projector
  • Baby linens 
  • Baby Towel and underwear 
  1. Baby Shower Gifts above $150

If you are the uncle or aunt, grandparent, or a generous friend of the couple, then you’re probably up for big and quite expensive gifts. If you want to know how much to spend on a baby shower gift, the sky is the limit for this budget. Great items fall in this category as there are lots of gifts you can buy with that budget. 

You can buy all those expensive baby items that come around $150-$250. However, if that figure is impossible for you, then you can raise this amount with some of your family members or friends. Raising money is known to many nowadays, and if you’re up to this, the parents would appreciate it. 

If you’re generous enough, they may be able to save some of their budgets since you could give what they desire for their child. When you become a parent one day, you will understand how these big things mean to a parent. The same goes if you’re already a parent. You already know the feeling of excitement when someone gives a present to your baby. 

Check out some of the possible baby gift shower gifts for $150 and above budget. 

  • Cribs 
  • Walking Chair 
  • Swings 
  • Baby Stroller 
  • Car Seats
  1. Cash Baby Shower Gifts 

Let’s face it; sometimes, it gets hard to decide what items you should get for a baby shower. However, money could be a great option, especially when parents have that specific item for their newborn. So, yes, you can give money as your gift for a baby shower. This is to prevent buying items that the couple already has. 

The money can also be used for the bills that couples will pay for the delivery of their child, which is considered an essential gift for them. But of course, you need to consider what your means are. Believe me; money is way better than other gift items. 

The End

Baby showers are all about getting excited and sharing the joy when the baby arrives. It’s a good thing to celebrate, as it is also about giving and sharing your blessings to the soon-to-be couples. So when you are chosen to be one of the guests, perhaps bringing something for the baby would be much appreciated. 

Though you’re not obliged to have a gift, it would be better to have the initiative to bring one. You don’t have to go into debt just to please them. Give a present according to your means. As long as you can afford it and the willingness in you, then good. After all, it’s not about the gifts but the celebration and the thought of the event that counts.