How to Gift a Hotel Stay as A Gift

Traveling for the holidays is a joy, but it can be expensive. Having to pay for hotel expenses, airport shuttle rides, and rental cars all take their toll on your wallet. Giving friends and family members an experience they’ll never forget is always a better gift than spending money on material possessions.

A great gift idea is to gift your friends with inexpensive hotel stays. Not only will they appreciate the thought behind the gift, but they will also enjoy the stay as well. You can also save yourself some cash by enjoying a discounted rate for hotel stays as well.

To help upscale hotel lovers enjoy their stay, try these gift concepts and save some money.

Book a Stay with Hotelgift

Hotelgift is one of the most valued services for booking over 270,000 hotels and resorts in 140 countries across the globe. They don’t just pick hotels; they partner with some of the most luxurious ones that are not only affordable but easy to book.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or someone who’s taking a trip for the first time, they provide you with plenty of options and the tools to help you make the right decision.

By bringing together a select group of hotels and industry experts, they are able to provide a diverse range of accommodation options, catering to all needs and budgets. With just easy steps you could acquire a redeemable gift card for that special person. Through their simple, customizable gift card, your loved one can find hotels they want- all of it paid for in advance.

To get started follow these simple steps:

Step One: Design and Customize

Create and customize the gift card. Hotelgifts has an inbuilt card customization section on their site to help you design with precise details. In the end, you get to write a message to your recipient in beautiful text.

Step Two: Send Your Gift Card

After customization, you can send via post, email, or print at home. You might consider other ways to give a gift card, such as enclosing it in a birthday card or packaging it with flowers.

Step 3: Check-in

Let them know they can travel with style, no matter where they go or how hard the trip may be. They should check out their card before going to their respective hotels or resorts.

Book a Stay With Tinggly

Tinggly like hotelgifts is a well know brand that helps travelers receive and enjoy hotel stays at luxurious locations around the many major cities of the world. They offer a wide variety of gift packages that users can purchase for their travels or share with friends and family. Besides the common offerings, Tinggly focuses on making every stay memorable.

Tinggly has one special feature. “Occasion” Tinggly prioritizes making every stay a memorable one by offering rooms themed suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, valentine, Christmas, and sometimes, thanksgiving. They operate like many hotel services out there and have an easy UI for booking a stay for you or a friend.

Book a Stay With Airbnb

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give is an experience — one that can’t be bought. And Airbnb has many experiences that you can’t get anywhere else, which is the whole point of their business model. Right now, you can use your Airbnb gift card to stay at a 15th-century castle in Greece or on a farm in France — it’s just one of the many exciting options for your next vacation.

If you can’t think of the right gift for a friend, cousin, or coworker, don’t panic. Gift cards are here to save you during last-minute shopping sprees (and treat the recipient to an experience that they’ll never forget).

 If there’s anyone in your life who would love an Airbnb gift card, then this is definitely the perfect present. You can give them an unforgettable experience and true adventure.

Find Reasonable Prices

There are so many wonderful choices available for gift cards. Gift cards are available for every occasion and every price range, so you’re certain to find the perfect card for your loved ones. Whether you need a gift for a stranger, a family member, or your spouse, we’ve got you covered.

Choose Their Desired Destination

it’s the thought that counts and thoughtful gifts are the ones that people remember. When choosing a travel gift card, you can be as creative as possible — from an unexpected hotel stay in a luxurious suite to a luxurious private jet experience. No matter what gift you choose, you can always make it more memorable by adding a personal touch. Delivery of on-site flowers or chocolates will add the finishing touch to your thoughtful present.

Plan a surprise

Everyone has a dream destination, and if you help them get there, it’ll be one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. Imagine watching your best friend’s face light up as she walks into a restaurant you reserved for her birthday — or bringing your brother to his favorite band’s concert when he thought tickets were sold out.

People want to be wowed. They want to feel special and cared for, and that’s what you can give them with a memorable experience.

Surprise your loved one. Plan a surprise trip to Paris, or to their favorite restaurant. Getting them the only gift they want, is priceless and all because you’re sure to make them smile.


To conclude, it’s clear that hotel stays are a popular and beautifully unique gift. Consider how much you care about your recipient and how much time you’re willing to invest in the process. When you’ve come up with your best possible choice, we can guarantee that the recipient will love it.

Just take out a little time to find out what their favorite hotel is and where they’d like to go if they could travel anywhere in the world. You could probably find some great deals with so many choices on travel websites to suit just about any budget. If your wondering how to plan a surprise vacation as a gift then read our article on How to gift airline tickets.