6 Simple Ways on How to Give Hints About a Gift

Wondering How to give hints about a gift? Check out these 6 simple ways to help you out.
Wondering How to give hints about a gift? Check out these 6 simple ways to help you out.

There are many different ways how to give hints about a gift. According to Katherine Butler Hepler, a psychologist, she believes that it is important to think about things that fit our lifestyle. And while you may have issues about receiving gifts, perhaps you should give hints about a gift that interests you and your lifestyle without making it too obvious. 

This blog post explains how to give hints about a gift without giving the whole story. This is very useful if you are trying to encourage someone to buy something for you.

Why Giving Hints about Receiving gifts tend to be Important? 

When it comes to thinking about ways to drop or how to give hints about a gift, it tends to be challenging and embarrassing at the same time. It makes you think like a child because they don’t fear asking about what they want as a gift when they’re young. They can say directly whatever they desire. But as you get older, you will always have second thoughts about it. 

For some reason, giving is indeed good for the health. Studies show how giving and receiving gifts affects your body. According to Scott Bea, PsyD, she recalls giving her daughter a dollar to buy a gift for everybody. It gives a person a fulfilling delight because it makes the person feel like a giver and a responsible one. 

Her daughter came home excited to give the gifts and make everyone open them immediately. And that kind of excitement has science backing it up as research says that anyone who gives support to others can lower blood pressure than those who don’t. There is a supportive social interaction that helps people recover from events in the past, and the Mayo Clinic can attest to that. 

Tips on How to Give Hints about Gifts 

Life comes with uncertain realities. One of these is about receiving a gift. If you think it would be nice if you receive the gift you’ve always wanted, read down below to know some tips about how to give hints about a gift. 

  • Remember the Reason of a Hint 

When you want someone to give you something, like a gift, you give hints as a joke to give them ideas. It gives them the truth if they’re a good listener who chooses to pay attention or ignore. Yes, it may sound challenging and complicated, but it works. Though you give a hint as a joke, to someone willing to give you something is an idea about what you want. 

However, an important rule about gift-giving is to never expect that you get what you desire. But when you hint, the goal is to help the giver with the idea about what best gift he could offer. So as always, just remain considerate. Imagine yourself in another person’s shoes and consider what they can afford to give you. 

  • Ensure that the Person is Paying Attention 

When you’re giving hints, make sure the person is listening. They may get them through asking them questions and give them a little story about the hint to let them keep it in mind. Just talk about something interesting and later develop a topic related to what you want to receive. It still works in most cases, even if you think that person is not giving attention at all. 

  • Drop a Theoretical Hint 

Do you remember the time you learned about the subjunctive mood in grammar when you were in high school? This may work as a hint. Just talk about something like, “If you were to know how to bake, you would get an oven.” That way, the giver would have an idea that what you want is something for the kitchen, particularly an oven. It may sound hypothetical, but at least it gives them the idea that it’s what you want. 

  • Come Up with a Historical Hint 

Historical hints are easy to pull off with. You can talk about the things in the past to someone who’s supposed to give you something. Like you can talk about your experience in a certain mall, and you see this limited-edition stuff that caught your mind. And that you weren’t able to purchase it because for some reason, you have not enough money, or the item is currently out of stock. 

The listener or the giver will instill this conversation into his memory and make it off his list of items to give you. You will not sound like it’s obvious, but at least you were giving them a hint about the thing that you’re missing. 

  • Always Remember the Timing 

Timing is always important, especially if the giver is not that great at catching up on hints right away. So, you have to drop your ideas a week before, or when you think the giver will be searching for a thing to give you. Otherwise, you will risk your hint until it gets unnoticed. 

  • Do your Hinting Duty 

Some things are best when not given as gifts. Therefore, it’s your job to give a hint that interests and appreciates you. However, don’t give them hints about something you don’t like. For instance, if you witnessed your father buying a gift for your mother that she will not like. You would not want it to happen to you, right? 


Nothing beats getting what your heart desires. But, remember, you can always console yourself with the main rule of gift-giving: you never expect to get anything you want, for there are some things that you should consider to the givers end. So it’s better if you don’t expect it, and let it be.  

You should learn that sometimes, being too obvious is good, yet there are times that it’s not helpful. Just be grateful that there are people who would want to give you something. The thought of having these people is a gift already. In the end, it’s always the thought that counts when receiving gifts. 

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