How To Give Netflix As A Gift

Sending someone a gift shouldn’t be done only on the holidays. Whether you feel like giving someone, there are no excuses, and you just have to simply give them something to make them happy. Whether it’d be your anniversary, birthdays, any special occasions, you just feel like giving, Netflix is one of the easiest ways to make someone happy.

Over the years, Netflix has become one of the best gift ideas anyone could give. They can binge-watch their favorite series or film, or their favorite ‘Koreanovela.’ However, not many people know how to give Netflix as a gift, but did you know that it is quite easy to give one? Here are some of the general steps on how to give Netflix as a gift, in case you don’t know.

Why Netflix?

As you may already know, Netflix took the world by storm with the number of movies and series you can watch in a single night. Not only that, their rates are quite cheap and are highly affordable; even normal people could afford them.

Gone are the days where subscription rates blow the roof off. There are several reasons why you can give someone a Netflix subscription, and it can be either showing your gratitude, love, or a get-well gift. Besides, anyone can use a ‘me time’ during these trying times.

No matter the reason, sending a Netflix subscription can easily capture the heart and warms the soul. And according to a licensed professional counselor, Heidi McBain, relationships can be strengthened if couples binge-watch Netflix together. Sending Netflix can be done in a few steps; along with those steps, we’ll be giving you some tricks and tips as well.

Steps on How to Give Netflix As a Gift

Buying Netflix subscriptions online can be quite tricky, to say the least. It isn’t as straightforward as one would think. Without any physical item on hand, it can be quite easy to lose track of what you are buying online.

Even if you already know how Netflix subscription works, the process of gifting it to someone else on Netflix might not be too familiar for you.

Step 1: Decide on How to Buy and Where

When it comes to buying a Netflix subscription as a gift, there are many viable options. Some of those options require you to go to a physical store and pick up a physical card, preferable if you want to give Netflix via the physical card. Alternatively, you can also send Netflix subscriptions online, and the process is quite easy too!

A few establishments sell Netflix online, and you can buy these at Walmart, Amazon, or Best Buy. When you don’t want to purchase online, there are also physical stores that sell Netflix gift certificates, such as Walmart, Safeway, 7-eleven, Best buy, to name a few.

Step 2: Buying a Netflix subscription as a gift

Once you’ve decided how and where to buy your Netflix subscriptions, you can just go ahead and buy directly. Whenever you go to physical stores, the process is straightforward, simply choose the gift card from the gift card section depending on the amount you want, and play it through the cashier.

But if you buy Netflix subscriptions online, the process is still the same, but it may require you to put some personal information, including your billing address and card number. Once you’ve purchased it online, you may be able to put your giftee’s address. Netflix subscriptions vary from how long you want it, and there are $15, $30, $60, and $100 for gift cards.

As for Netflix membership, it costs around $9 for the basic plan, $12.99 for the standard plan, and $15.99 for the premium plan. Your receiver can select which subscription they want and depend on the amount of the gift card you’ve given them.

And according to clinical psychologist Dr. Renee Carr, chemicals can be released in our brain when we watch films or soap a day. Therefore, it’s great if you give someone a Netflix subscription.

Step 3: Assess the terms of Netflix’s Gift Card

Before you make that final click on the checkout, make sure to read Netflix’s Gift Card term. After reading this, you might learn that giving someone a Netflix subscription is a bad idea. Certain scenarios make this not a viable option; this includes:

For example:

Netflix requires its users to be of legal age to be members. It may require the receiver to have an existing Netflix membership account to avail of the Netflix gift card.
Netflix gift cards can’t be redeemed on other platforms such as iTunes.

If the receiver doesn’t have an existing Netflix account, it may require them to sign up first before redeeming the gift card. Once they made their Netflix account, they can now enter the gift code to redeem the amount.

Always remember that once the amount is used up, it may require them to extend the subscription by entering the payment information.
Tip: Whenever you plan to give someone Netflix as a gift, ensure that they have an existing account to avoid setbacks.

Step 5: Sending your Netflix Gift Card

There are many ways to send your Netflix gift card, and you can either send it via mail if you want to receive it personally or online for a hassle-free transaction.

One of the best things about buying a Netflix gift card online is you can just send it to the comfort of your home. Before this happens, at the checkout, it may require you to fill up your receiver’s personal information and address.

There are also options, too wherein the seller can send your Netflix gift card on a specific date, and the instructions are pretty straightforward. Just fill up all the necessary information required.

Wrapping Up

Netflix is a gift idea that is becoming more and more popular over the years. Especially now that going out is very limited due to the pandemic, Netflix is one platform that would give us entertainment while staying at home.

Netflix helps us fight boredom and anxiety while being away from the outside world. And when you give it as a gift to someone, they would surely be delighted to get a subscription. I hope the guidelines have helped you on how to give Netflix as a gift.