How to Write Open When Letters for Best Friend – 30 Ideas

Need to write a letter to your best friend that lives very far away? Here are some helpful tips on how to go about it.
Need to write a letter to your best friend that lives very far away? Here are some helpful tips on how to go about it.

Love from a distance sometimes becomes very difficult to express, especially when it comes to sending an intimate message that would once again ignite that sense of love, care, and togetherness when they feel your absence.

Moments of challenge will eventually rise and fall as part of life seems to continuously test our strength within every moment. In these moments of hardship, sending letters of fun and humor would bring a bundle of joy to the heart of your distant loving bestie.

Whether it’s work stress, burnout from the office, or another day that needs some extra effort to go by, your powerful words would accompany them like good wishes from a genie. Open letters would do a great deal. 

And don’t be anxious if this is new to you because we are here to guide you through every single step to sending these Open When Letters in style. With our simple, but comprehensive guidelines, we assure you of the most memorable experience for you and you and your bestie. 

5 Popular Rules For Open When Letter Users

To gain maximum pleasure from the play of Open When Letters rules should be set while being creative and open-minded to suggestions. From our research, we have listed down the most popular Open When Letter rules below:

#1. Exercise Patience

Patience is one of the key rules to enjoying the game of open when letters are very important to keep the excitement in line with the surprises packed within the letter cards.

#2. For Your Eyes Only

Since these letters were designed just for you, based on the experiences and shared information between you and your bestie, it’s important to keep this to yourself as people may ruin the fun when they interfere. Only show when instructed to.

#3. Keep letters and gifts in safe places

Usually Open When letters are not completely useful until you reach their intended target, so keep them out of reach and in a safe place.

#4. Set Reminder List

In this digital age where calendar reminders are somehow irrelevant, it is important to set reminders to meet Open When Letter event dates and times on a digital reminder that will always be there to buzz you.  

#5. Mix Fun and games

Some of our listed games come with events and games that are unique experiences to our readers, you could try ours or make up your own ideas that would feature Open When Letters.

Some Cool Samples of Open When Letter Prepared Just For You

To get you started, as promised, here are some cool open letter gift ideas for your bestie. Start by taking a deep dive into the memory lane to find strong open letter ideas that would definitely be worth it.

 Remember to keep personal touches intact by adding some customized flavor into your creation. And don’t forget to try out some gifts that will accompany these letters.

01. When You First Receive These Letters, Open Them

First things first, if you are new to Open When Letter Gifting, then maybe your friend is, too. So break the news of the new cool while setting the rules of this game, putting down ideas, precautions, and guidelines that would make it fun for you and them. Do this as a mystery opener and be rest assured they would stay engaged and less confused.

02. Open When You Need A Smile

When it comes to smiling, humor seems to be the best remedy to get one across great distances. Your bestie knows you care for them and the trick to putting a smile on their face is writing about some humorous events and activities shared by you. 

Sometimes, to keep things updated, find a thing he/she would find amusing and send it as a gift. In today’s world where social media stories are full of memes, getting ideas won’t be that hard. 

Take a quick start and get creative immediately.

03. Open when Visiting Mom and Dad

If you’re one of those friends who is also a well-recognized friend of the family, this could be a fun way to send them your greetings in a remarkable way whether you are far or nearby. Send this Open when letters that personally address dad in a respectful manner, and mom too. Acknowledging their tremendous support on your journey or career field.

04. Open When you Need My Hugs

We all need a hug to feel the warmth from those who care about us the most, and in distant times you need a creative way to express these warm hugs of love and care. 

Get a cuddleable teddy bear as a gift to reach out to your bestie while accompanying this with a letter that speaks your truth, and favorite words of advice and care.

05. Open When It Christmas

Finding a means to reminisce about your past holidays spent together is one of the major importance of Open When Letters. 

This season, as plans couldn’t allow you to see your bestie. Send a letter of appreciation telling them about the holidays with them and without them. 

Let them feel your presence by sending gifts to accompany these letters. Gifts could be a wine amper, chocolate basket, or a spa ticket.

06. Open when it is Your Birthday

A creative way to celebrate a birthday party from a distance is by sending open letters crafted for such a memorable occasion. Send in the Open When Letter accompanied by a gift you had in mind for your friend. This could be something they’ve long desired or some surprise party. Yes, you could organize a surprise party with close friends and loved ones who would not want to miss out on her birthday. Get creative with a lot more ideas from Virgin Experience.

07. Open When you want a little mystery

No matter the age, no one would want to miss out on any excitement, even with a little mystery involved. This Open When Letter is also another way to set your friend on a treasure hunt. 

Set aside some clue notes, along with a customized treasure map that will lead them straight to where you want them. This could be a gift kept at some of her favorite parks or leisure spots around town. Draw on this customizable brown pirate map sheet

08. Open on your Graduation

Graduations mean a lot, even for college besties who never saw the opportunity to graduate together. Some may have moved across the country for a scholarship opportunity or a parent’s career change. 

Sending them open letters on their special day would mean a lot, remind them of the good and bad days at school and how strong they have become after seeing them through.

09. Open when you’re on holiday

Since holidays are the best time for creativity and fun. It wouldn’t be surprising if your best friend decides to postpone the holiday plans. You don’t want that, do you? So why not put down a list of some of their favorite hobbies and send it attached to the Open when letter?

This is most encouraging when feeling fatigued during summer breaks. Find the best spots, outdoor activities or even plan on surprising them to try out things together.

10. Open when it’s Halloween

Festivals like Halloween need some exciting gifts to get them started with, and logistics or transport companies would usually delay due to upsurge or high demand for services during such a holiday season.

Find the best gift prior to the Halloween celebration and pack it up with an Open When gift letter to better the surprise. Telling scary tales that would get their blood pumping.

11. Open when you’re On a Plane

Some friends can be scared of heights but still need to make it early to meetings, events, and activities that would require them to travel fast. 

Send them this Open When Letters to pass on some statement of encouragement, a few words of wisdom, and an inspiring quote from their favorite person so they can make it through the frightening trip. This shows you still remember them and would always support them.

12. Open when you feel lonely

Feeling lonely is quite okay as every human being sometimes is overwhelmed by loneliness. Find the best way to send this message across your bestie, with encouraging words that would remind them of your presence and all of those that support them and would always be ready to move mountains for them even when the odds are against them.

Open When letters don’t only paint a perfect picture but encourage action.

13. Open when to Celebrate Achievements

Most people who find success very often sometimes lack the enthusiasm to celebrate big wins, they simply want them to go by. 

But as a best friend who disagrees and wants to see such a victorious achievement hang on their wall, you could plan interesting activities and events that may not be too loud. Open When letters would bring a whole lot of fun to marking moments worth celebrating.

14. Open if you are sleepy

It’s quite common these days that most people who work long hours on computer screens find it very difficult to get some shut-eye at night. 

To save your bestie from such a horrifying experience, send them an Open When letter showing care for their love of work but emphasizing the need to avoid burnout or excessive exposure to blue light rays. To ensure their safety, give them a sleeping aid device and stylish blue light glasses.

15. Open When Making tough Decisions 

Represent yourself even from a distance by crafting pieces that would help them make the right choices even when the odds are not clear enough.

 Find a way to be creative in this situation by constructing pieces of art or gifts, like an owl vintage scale. To symbolize the balance of weight on a scale.

16. Open when healing from a broken heart

When feeling heartbroken and in need of support, your best friend, family, and loved ones will always need to lift your broken spirit with a card that reads “It takes a strong heart to love again, and it takes a truly strong heart to love again after being hurt.” A magnificent quote by popular self-helping author Karen Salmansohn.

17. Open when Feeling Unachieved

Sometimes the tests and trials of life can leave even a brave and strong soldier depressed and feeling unachieved even when living in a big mansion. Your focus does not resonate your thoughts with the reality that things can be difficult and some things are just for us.

To help a friend who could be stuck in such a phase, send them these open letters that say “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react” as quoted by Charles Swindoll.

18. Open when Feeling Imperfect

For so many of us, growing up wasn’t easy and as we age, it becomes hard to forget our childhood as it seems to be the foundation of our present, and feeling imperfect usually takes its roots from mostly childhood experience. 

But to take a constant reminder that no human can live like the wealthy prince charming who can do whatever he wants with whoever he likes, or a Cinderella who walks into the ballroom and gets all the attention. 

Remind your friend with an open letter that says “I love you the way you are, but you don’t see you as I do. You shouldn’t try so hard to be perfect. Trust me, perfection should try to be you. ” 

19. Open Letters When stressed

College or school of any sort could be a lot of stress to take on while hustling for that certificate. 

It’s not easy for anyone to cope with, so you will always need a great way to motivate and help your best friend in these unpleasant times. Of course, sending an Open When Letter is a great idea, but, what do you need for the message?

Try saying these few words. “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off with the wind, not within it.” Henry Ford. Or ” Don’t say you don’t have enough time, you have exactly the same amount of hours per day as Mother Teresa, Leonardo Di Vinci, and Albert Einstein. A powerful quote by H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Other Ideas for Open Letters

In need of more Open when ideas? The open when letter ideas below can help you be there for your loved ones when they need you the most.

  1. When it rains, open it
  2. When You’re Disappointed, Open
  3. Open me if you’re Feeling Alone
  4. When You Can’t Concentrate, Open
  5. When You Have Doubts About Yourself, Open up
  6. When You’ve Had a Bad Day at Work
  7. When You’re Having a Relaxed Sunday
  8. When You Want to Cry, Open 
  9. On Your Special Day, Open me
  10. After We’ve Said Goodbye
  1. After the first month, open on the last day, and open whenever you need a hug.
  2. On Our Anniversary, We’ll Be Open
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