How to Write Open When Letters for Best Friend 

Need to write a letter to your best friend that lives very far away? Here are some helpful tools on how to go about it;

It might be a tough road to be on if you happen to have a long-distance relationship, especially if the relationship means a lot to you. 

However, if letters assist you to make it through difficult days and aid you feel connected to the good ones, write your significant others an open letter. 

Decide how many letters you want to send to them and what to include in the letters, taking into account the range of the letter and the message it will carry.  

For instance, bright, encouraging letters will probably be better if they are on deployment or an informative piece would be appreciated if they are working on a project. 

If your best friend is set to relocate for school, a job, or embark on a journey, it’s a fact that you would surely miss them. Giving them open letters before they leave is meant to show how much they mean to you, think of it as a hearty farewell gift. 

Consider all of the scenarios in which they could desire or require a letter, then write one for each. Include exciting pieces in your letters, such as delightful stickers, quotes, tiny presents, or maybe even their favorite snacks. 

Finally, remind them how much you love them and all the great experiences you’ve had in the past and will share in the future.

Rules to Follow to Pull off a Perfect Open Letter

Both you and your best friend must grasp the rules to successfully pull off your perfect open when letters. Once you’ve both understood the fundamentals of open when letters, you will both be able to create them with complete creative freedom. The rules are:

  1. Don’t peek early: Opening the letters way too soon will ruin the surprise, kill the fun and you’ll be sorry later when the letters are truly needed.
  2. Only open the letter if it pertains to you: Don’t simply initiate your “open when you’re happy” letter because you’re bored. And, unless you’re having a slow day or not in the right state of mind, don’t open the “open when you need cheering up” letter. Otherwise, you’ll lose out on its significance when it’s needed.
  3. Do not show the letters to anybody else:  After all, these letters were crafted especially for you. So why show it to someone else?
  4. You should try not to open more than a certain amount of letters per week:  You don’t want to have a go too soon! It’s also enjoyable to look forward to something exceptional each week.
  5. Archive the letters: You might want to go back and read them later, so keep them safe with you. After all, these are special moments, and who said you can’t relive them again?

A Few Examples of How to Kick Start Your Open When the Letters

These are Open when letter templates that follow common themes to offer the best piece for your loved one. To make your letters stand out, write something from the heart or shared memory and include a unique gift for good measure. 

01. Open when you need a giggle

As tough as it may seem to get cheered up by someone who stays far away, an open letter of such can be of assistance. Include amusing photographs of the two of you, jokes, funny memes, or a crazy cartoon to lift their spirits.

02. If you miss me, open this

Write a touching letter that takes your loved one down memory lane. Include all of your fondest memories, all of the reasons you love and care for them, and all of the locations and sites you want to journey together when they return. Consider composing a poem for them, sketching something cute or humorous, or attaching a photograph. You should open these only when you miss them of course.

03. Open when you need a bit of motivation

If you or your loved one is feeling down and out, some words of encouragement would be valued. Write a letter with your favorite motivational quotes, or make a list of all the characteristics you like in them. Remind them of all the things you know they’re good at, and you’ll make their day.

04. When You’re Stressed, Keep Your Doors Open

Stress comes and goes, but having someone to rely on when things become rough is always a good thing and one of the best feelings. Add the lyrics to their favorite song or the recipe for their favorite home-cooked dish so they may get a sense of home. Don’t overlook a few of our favorite uplifting quotes as well, they do wonders

05. When You First Receive These Letters, Open them

Because this is the first letter they will open, you should put the rules for the remainder of your letters in it. Keep the message upbeat and remind them of all the exciting things they’ll be doing while they’re away. Finally, try providing a personalized calendar to assist them to ascertain the perfect time when to visit.

06. When You Need a Smile, Open it

You know how to make your best friend happy better than anybody else. Include a favorite memory of the two of you particularly a photograph or a beautiful snapshot of your own chin. Insert it in a letter that lists all the things about them that make you joyful, or tell them about anything that made you think of them recently, this keeps the relationship growing and waxing stronger.

07. Open on the way back from deployment

Wish a safe trip to your significant one and tell them how soon you can’t wait to see them. Send them a photo with a placard and a heater’s cap, letting them know that you can’t wait to pick them up from the airport after their mission.

08. Open your first mission as you are going to go

Sometimes embarking on a possibly risky mission in the military is inevitable. So when your best friend goes on his first mission, support him/her with a letter full of love and encouragement, the very first time he/she jitters. Remember your significant one to trust and believe his/her intuition.

09. Open when you’re feeling restricted

It may often be tiresome and burdensome to sustain a relationship. Send him or her a signal with instructions that he/she feels confined to send you a serious subject. So you know a little bit when to back off.

10. Open when you don’t feel attractive

List out the minor physical character of the other person like a small dimple on his cheeks or curls of her hair. Insert your eye in a little mirror, with a letter saying: “see how lovely you are.” Appreciate them and make them feel loved.

11. Open when you’re about to embark on a random road trip.

Promise your favorite person with a road trip as a surprise. No preparations—pack a day bag and nice music on every dreary day. Rent a vehicle, travel a bus or train from the city! Just travel on the road and stop for a day that seems nice. Tell them all the deets so you don’t spoil the fun.

12. Open when your birthday is approaching

Do not fail to note how much better he/she looks as the years pass! You may also include an image of yourself in a party hat, and a few (or more) deflated balls, which when inflated contain nice little birthday greetings. You may place in a Musical Birthday Card, where you will be able to record with a beautiful note and good wishes your voice singing a happy birthday.

13. Open when you celebrate your achievement

Let them understand how proud of them you are and how you will always trust in your best friend’s ability to succeed in anything he/she considers doing. Don’t forget to include a pin that says, “You are the best.”

14. Open if you are sleepy

The ASMR has become a big hit over the internet lately. It makes many people drowsy and relaxed. So why not devise your loved one a customized ASMR video? You may say cool and lovely things to him/her as if he/she is stuck in bed!

15. Open when a decision is required

Encourage your dear ones to trust themselves and their choices, and keep their hearts constantly in line. You may use a paper maché or a black-smith on a personalized coin with the same side as “follow your heart.” Something inspiring that still leaves them accepting and appreciating their choices.

16. Open when healing from a broken heart

When Feeling heartbroken and in need of support, your best friend, family, and loved ones will always need to lift your broken spirit with a card that reads “It takes a strong heart to love again, and it takes a truly strong heart to love again after being hurt.” a magnificent quote by Popular self-helping author Karen Salmansohn.

17. Open when Feeling Unachieved

Sometimes the test and trials of life can leave even a brave and strong soldier depressed and feeling unachieved even when living in a big mansion, your focus does not resonate with your thoughts with the reality that things can be difficult and some things are just for us. To help a friend who could be stuck in such a phase send them these open letters that say “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react” as quoted by Charles Swindoll.

18. Open when Feeling Imperfect

For so many of us, growing up wasn’t easy and as we age it becomes hard to forget our childhood as it seems to be the foundation of our present, and feeling imperfect usually takes its roots from mostly childhood experience. 

But to take a constant reminder that no human not can live like the wealthy prince charming who can do whatever he wants with whoever he likes, or a cinderella who walks into the ballroom and gets all the attention. Remind your friend with an open letter that says “I love you the way you are, but you don’t see you as I do. You shouldn’t try so hard to be perfect, trust me perfection should try to be you.” 

And additionally, always remember the biblical quote “ The harvest of peace is produced from the seed of contentment. 

19. Open Letters When stressed

College or school of any sort could be a lot of stress to take on while hustling for that certificate. 

It’s not easy for anyone to cope with so you would always need a great way to motivate and help your best friend in these unpleasant times. Of course, sending an Open When Letter is a great idea but, what do you need as the message?

Try saying these few words “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off with the wind, not within it.” Henry Ford. Or “ Don’t say you don’t have enough time, you have exactly the same amount of hours per day as Mother Teresa, Leonardo Di Vinci, and Albert Einstein. A powerful quote by H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Other Ideas for Open Letters

In need of more Open when ideas? The open-when letter ideas below can help you be there for your loved ones when they need you the most, without physically being there

  1. When It Rains, Open it
  2. When You’re Disappointed, Open
  3. Open me if you’re Feeling Alone
  4. When You Can’t Concentrate, Open
  5. When You Have Doubts About Yourself, Open up
  6. When You’ve Had a Bad Day at Work
  7. When You’re Having a Relaxed Sunday
  8. When You Want to Cry, Open 
  9. On Your Special Day, Open me
  10. After We’ve Said Goodbye
  11. After the first month, open on the last day, and open whenever you need a hug
  12. On Our Anniversary, We’ll Be Open

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