Top 10 Gift Experiences For Her – With Tips

Having trouble looking for the perfect gift for her? It’s always a struggle giving presents that wouldn’t sit on the shelf, why not take it out the door this time! Think outside the box. Beyond having mementos, unique events and shared experiences could be the most cherished presents to a loving companion. 

So don’t be boring, stay open to new ideas that would bounce you out of your comfort zone into the elegant lights of the beautiful places of the world.

On birthdays, anniversaries, or any sort of special occasion, you’ll find all the tips and tricks on our top 10 best gifts for your female spouse. These affordable gifts and experiences would put a smile on that perfect memory. Without wasting much time, let’s dive in.

Comedy Night For Two

This must be out of the blue you are probably thinking, but no matter the mood a bit of humor always lifts the spirit. I had the same experience some years back. After flying to Paris with my girlfriend, we ended up mistaking our luggage for someone else’s. We argued for hours, comparing faults until I stumbled upon a ticket for two inside the passenger’s bag. “ An UpTown Comedy Night” was the title. 

A few hours after surviving the queue to get in, we sat down laughing out our outrage at some unexpected comedy show. One of the most cherished memories we still share today. Women love humor, and most guys struggle to keep up with jokes, taking her out on a comedy date would do the trick.

Relaxing Spa Day

Grab your partner and head out, male or female, regardless, the spa could be a therapeutic cure to aches and pains carried from work and other productive activities. Don’t imagine she would take no for an answer, cause no one can say no to relaxation. 

I first visited the spa when I was 15 yrs old, with my cousins who talked out their frustrations from work and relaxed for several hours at the spa. I find this very distracting from the stress the world brings. You could take your lover, Stretch out those old bones at massage rooms and get more intimate with conversations.

Forest Paintballing Day For Four With Pizza Hut Lunch

It’s not every time you should visit that fancy restaurant you’ve been craving for, just to sit down for hours. Every woman wants to have a little fun and taking her on a forest paintballing is just the beginning. Free Roam shootout is not the regular, surrounded by a large forest with participants from different teams all heading out for one particular prize. 

Prizes could be flags, maps, treasures, or you could be more creative. She could be an ally or opponent, doesn’t matter, get creative, and enjoy the Adrenal thrill from this shootout. And yes it’s safe to play, no wildlife, just friendly birds and rabbits. You could get tickets to the next rave at Go Action Forest [1] for just $56 for two.

Picnic For Two

If she’s the type that loves to constantly admire the beautiful works of nature. Then this one should definitely hit your TO Do List. Did you know that the average person picnics at least three times a year? that’s 94 million picnics per year (National Picnic Week, 2021). Interesting right, It’s the perfect way to break the ice and get deeper into your conversations. Naturally, you and she become more relaxed open-minded to speak beyond limits in a serene environment. Try looking for picnic spots around your location and get the basket set for you and her.

Sunset Catamaran Cruise

You can’t get enough of outdoor events, especially the boat cruise-type activity. This often brings new experiences since it’s always a different venue or location to sail. Women always want to explore adventurous activities that they can talk about later with friends. She could like to take her chances and go on a boat cruise. 

This doesn’t cost much, I did this last year in central London and spent less than $100 for just the two of us.  It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had for outdoor activity. We watched the sunset as we sail away from the shores of London. Accompanied by a Mexican band and varieties of food all lined up in a buffet.

 It was too much for such a small price, almost perfect I said, so we took advantage of the situation. I proposed to Her that night and it has been years since we’ve been together. 

This would make a great present for her or him, make it a surprise, choose a suitable venue and get the most of it. Check out the Sunset Catamaran Cruise [2] and get a matching boat cruise around you.

Tips on Creating Great Experiences with Her

Understanding Her Personality

It’s always important to understand her, her personality, wants, and taste. All couples should know more than enough about each other. But when you don’t spend time taking note of her response, you might end up with the wrong gifts.

Never impose your own Ideas On Her

Regardless of how long you have been dating. Always let her take a portion of decisions made for your activity. This would make her comfortable at any activity even for the first time. This would help you learn how to compromise and that what relationships are about.

Explore new Ideas

No one wants to repeatedly guess the next move you would make especially when you are trying so hard to impress her. It definitely takes a lot of work to create the perfect experiences and that’s why most of the above list activities seem to stand out from the regular dinner date. Always remember to stay on trend and try new things as a couple.

There’s a lot more guidance, tips, and tricks to sustaining relationships with your loving companion. Check out our latest articles and subscribe to stay in touch. Until then Stay In love and keep in touch.