What Is An Appropriate Wedding Gift Amount

When you accept a wedding invitation, you feel obliged to get the loving couple a gift. Of course, weddings are formal events, and you do not want your gift to be cheap when the couples decide to open the gift after the wedding. Maybe you want to know what is an appropriate wedding gift amount, or should you rather give cash as a wedding gift instead?

With all these in mind, it is understandable that you become so bothered about what you would give couples for their special day. However, it is normal to look at the price since what you only want is for them to be happy because they deserve a gift. So, if you are unsure about what is an appropriate wedding gift amount, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will get some tips to determine how much you want to spend on a wedding gift.

Useful Tips in Knowing the Budget to Spend on a Wedding Present

Having a hard time dealing with the budget you are going to have for gifts when attending a wedding? Regardless of if you are part of the entourage or just a guess, it would be proper if you get the couples with a present, especially when starting a new chapter in life. Here are some tips that may help you.

  • Consider what You are Spending to Attend 

First and foremost, you should know your budget. Let us face it; there are weddings you attend that require you to pay an extra penny just to attend. This happens when you need to take a flight or travel that far to attend the wedding of some of the important people in your life. You may even shell out for your accommodation, so it is always fair that you consider eliminating some of the budgets for your gift.

The couples would understand how much their guests are spending for their wedding. If you are trying to contemplate what is an appropriate wedding gift amount, you can just cut your budget for the gift. After all, your presence and your effort to get there is a gift too.

  • Obey the Tradition 

 The usual etiquette states about what is an appropriate wedding gift amount vary on the cost of you attending the wedding. If the couple spends an average of $70-$15o per person, it would be fair to get them a gift equal to that amount. 

However, the only drawback about this tradition is that it is a per-person price. So if the couple has this fancy wedding, you know how it goes in knowing what is an appropriate wedding gift amount.

  • Your Closeness to the Couple

When you are one of the guests at the wedding of one of the closest persons in your life, the gift must have been special. On average, knowing what an appropriate wedding gift amount is around $100. This budget is a great one to start. You can either increase or decrease the budget based on your closeness. You can even spend more if you are related to the couple. You may opt to spend more at about $150 worth of wedding gifts or even higher than that.

  • Determine if you still need a Gift 

Since gifts are expected at any wedding or, perhaps, bridal showers – you should also extend your budget by knowing if you no longer have to bring one. For instance, gifts are not expected during engagement parties since congratulations messages and warm messages will do.

Also, if you have contributed money for the bridal shower, you don’t need to spend it on a gift already. When you only think about bringing gifts to events where expected, your money to spend will always go a lot farther.

  • Cash Gifts 

Believe me; most couples prefer to accept cash gifts rather than items. Why? Because according to them, they want to freely buy whatever they like based on their own needs. But what is the appropriate wedding gift amount if you are giving them money? Like what was mentioned earlier, the average budget for a wedding gift is about $100. So this is perhaps the minimum amount that you could give couples.

However, you can adjust the whole amount depending on your budget and the amount you already spent for the wedding you are attending. If there are none, you can stick to a minimum of $100; from there, you could go higher depending on your budget.

  • Group Wedding Gifts 

Joining forces with friends for a wedding gift to married couples could be awesome. For instance, you are one of the bridesmaids. You can actually plan that you could give the couples with your gifts as a group. It is a wise way to give couples, and you would most likely give them bigger and more expensive gifts.

The couples would be delighted to receive a thoughtful and huge present on their wedding day. Plus, each of you can spend a bit less than buying gifts individually. This is way better than buying gifts individually since you can raise a lot of money for an expensive gift that couples will like.

What is The Average Gift Amount

To give you an idea about what is an appropriate wedding gift amount, here are some of the figures you might want to consider:

  • For Siblings 

If one of the couples is your sibling, you can actually get them a gift worth $150-$195.

  • For Best friends 

A budget for your best friend’s wedding gift could be around $140-$170.

  • For Other Family Relatives 

You can spend around $100 on a wedding gift for your other relatives.

  • For Colleagues 

You can either give a wedding gift individually or group for your colleague’s wedding. I suggest that you have it in the group to raise money and buy the best find items.

  • For Acquaintances 

As for acquaintances, you may give them gifts worth $50-$80, depending on your budget.

The End

When giving gifts to married couples, it is not always the price that matters. It is always the thought that counts, especially your presence on their special day. Whatever you give them, as long as it is from the heart, will always be meaningful and important. 

I hope you already have ideas about what is an appropriate wedding gift amount from the tips mentioned above. In the end, the couple would still accept it, whatever it is. They would still be thankful for you.

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