10 Gift Ideas For Basketball Players – And How to Decide Which One to Choose From

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of year. It’s when we’re all together with our loved ones, friends, and family. The best part about the holiday season is opening presents! Unfortunately, not every presentation is the perfect fit for a basketball player.

It’s either they are too big, too small, or not what they need or want. If this is a feeling you don’t want to experience then this article is what you need to get on the right path. Searching through the deep corners of the internet, we have discovered the most useful item to get your basketball player friend. From hoops to training aids, to apparel. Here’s a list of basketball gifts we think every player and coach would love to have.

10 Gifts for Basketball Players

1. Basketball Hoop

A personalized basketball hoop is one of the best gifts for basketball lovers! It features a clean and simple design, and it can be customized with your child’s name and favorite team — making it perfect for your family’s special celebration. With its lightweight and durable construction, this hoop can be used indoors or outdoors — wherever there’s space for a little bit of basketball fun!

2.  Pro Basketball Player Socks

If you want them safe in the field then get them the best and most affordable products used by the pro player, you could start with the Nike Elite basketball socks which are a step above your average pair of athletic socks. Sporting a classic look, a cushioned pad, and a reinforced heel and toe, Nike Elite socks provide an added layer of protection from blisters and plantar fasciitis while wicking sweat away from the body’s most vital parts.

3. Travel Backpack

Every basketball player needs this item if they want to be successful at their game. It’s a backpack with extra room for a basketball. Plus, some convenient space for personal item storage. It could come in handy on long trips and short ones as well. If you think they would like this gift then what are you waiting for? Get the travel basketball backpack and pick your favorite color from the available ones.

4. Book Of Basketball

How can an aspiring basketball player surpass his failures and challenges? With a book that teaches the game, of course! This book is the go-to for any basketballer who wants to learn a bit more about what it takes to go pro.  Jackie MacMullan, Rafe Bartholomew, and Dan Klores, three acclaimed journalists, embarked on a mission to interview a staggering lineup of basketball legends. These interviews have been compiled into an outstanding book ” The Book of Basketball ”.

5.  NBA Master Class

Steph Curry is a 2x NBA Champion and 3x NBA MVP, but he’s not just an incredible shooter — he’s a life leader too. In his masterclass, he shares the basketball lessons he’s learned from years of training and playing that have made him one of the most successful athletes in the world. This is another gift we suggest you get for the ones you want to motivate to be better basketball players.

6. The NBA 2K 21 4K Video Game

Basketball video games have stepped up their game in recent years, and NBA Playgrounds is taking it to the next level. With NBA superstars going head-to-head on a 2D plane, you can feel exactly what it’s like to be a basketball pro – from stepping up to the foul line to pulling off a last-second dunk. 

While this gift doesn’t provide any basketball value as far as skill development, it is still really fun to play! This game has revolutionized the basketball gaming industry, and it is for more than just kids. So if you know someone who enjoys basketball and playing video games, this will be the perfect gift for them.

7. The Official NBA Basketball

Gifting a new basketball is always a great idea for players looking to maximize their dribbling skills. And the original NBA basketball isn’t a bad idea if you plan to get the best. It’s expensive so you could go for alternatives like the Spalding Zi. 

The Spalding Zi premium basketball has been designed to enhance performance, making it an ideal gift for people who are serious about the game. With features like air balance technology to prevent over-inflation and a rubber composite cover that prevents damage from scuffs and scratches, this ball is built to last.

8. The Dribble Stick Basketball Trainer Tool

The dribble stick is a revolutionary training tool for basketball players, helping to improve ball-handling skills and control. It’s versatile enough to use anywhere — it can even be used by players on the go. Whether you’re at the gym or in the driveway, the dribble stick allows you to practice your dribbling skills anytime, anywhere.

9. Customized Jersey for your Young Aspirants

Go to any NHL, NFL, or NBA game and you’ll see that kids often wear jerseys of their favorite players. They look up to these players like they’re invincible superheroes. Now, you can get your kids their favorite player’s jersey — and they’ll love to show it off while playing sports. Get your young player the gear to dream big with a customized jersey that carries the name of their favorite NBA star.

10. Basketball Sneakers

Basketball players need a new pair of shoes at least once a year, and it’s important to keep the right shoes on the court. Low-cut sneakers give you more flexibility and ankle support; high tops give you more support and extra protection. Cushioning lets you jump higher and run faster by absorbing the shock of impact. Make sure your favorite player can have a brand-new pair of shoes with a gift card from Nike, Foot Locker, or Adidas. And don’t forget a few extra pairs for a rainy day!

Tips To Finding The Best Gift for Your Basketball Player Friend

It’s normal to feel uneasy when you can’t find the exact answers to your questions, or at least some useful information to help you send the right gift to your basketball player friend. This part of the article will help provide solutions and answers to your question.

What Gifts Should I Get?

For anyone who doesn’t know what to get their friends, we’ve categorized some ideas for you. We’re sure you can find the perfect gift for your friends with these ideas:

  • Motivational Gift items: As players in the game, they would consistently need a source of inspiration to fuel their drive to succeed and win for the team, which is why you should invest in items that will keep them motivated even in your absence. Try getting motivational books for the bookworms, an audio track, or a movie for the ones who are big fans of pop culture. Some motivational movies for basketball players are Space Jam, Above the Rim, He Got Game, Hoosiers, and Glory Road. These are excellent picks, but be sure to do your own research before you get a movie. If that isn’t enough, get a poster art of their favorite player if they don’t already have one.
  • Supportive Gift items: Motivational gifts play a huge role in athletic performances. But there’s something you must be aware of: injuries and illness require just as much care and attention as the unwavering drive to succeed. When athletes get ill or sustain an injury, it can slow down their performance — even though they’re driven by the desire to win, they may find themselves unable to keep up with their rigorous workout schedule. Consider supportive gift items like food voucher cards, Amazon Prime subscriptions, NBA League All Pass, and little outdoor activities like a trip to basketball camp — these kinds of rewards and perks keep them happily focused on their recovery.
  • Casual Gifts: What’s more useful than a casual gift that adds to your inventory? Really nothing! This is why you should focus on being simple with your gifts by searching for items that could serve them even when they have a lot stacked up. Casual gift items like some Nike elite Socks, arms and knee sleeves, jerseys, and shorts. All these add up to their closet, providing more options to pick from.
  • Health and Fitness Gifts: Health and fitness are central to the athlete’s life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage them to take part in other recreational activities like yoga or Taekwondo. Giving them a chance to relax and get their aches and pains attended to by professionals at the spars is a great way to help them unwind. After all, massages are an excellent way to deal with stress and burnout. Furthermore, they can reduce your blood pressure, improve circulation, and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Energy Drink: During busy match days, professional basketball players always have to be on their feet doing everything in their power to help their teammates. They are constantly running around encouraging the team, cheering players on, and reasoning with the coach when they’ve made a mistake. Haven’t they earned a break? With a case of energy drinks, you can give them the motivation they need to keep working hard even when they don’t have enough energy in their tank.

When Should I Give?

Basketball players are athletes, but they are also humans. As such, they have birthdays. Anniversaries. Achievements to celebrate. Mostly just like anyone else, they have times that are happy and special. These are the kinds of occasions that create an avenue for you to send them gifts. Yes, you can send them gifts at other times, but these are the ones that stand out among the rest.

Should I Go with The Popular Options?

Creative gifts are a fun way to surprise a loved one, especially in the world of sports. When surprising your favorite athlete with a gift, avoid going for the typical flash-in-the-pan items that many people purchase. Instead, spend time thinking about what you can do to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Try exploring creative gift ideas like DIY presents, personal portrait design, and many other forms of personalized gifts.

Be a Reasonable Spender

Have you ever overspent during the holiday season? Have you ever felt the pressure to buy an expensive luxury item for someone on your list? We’ve all been there. This year, why not impress your friends and family with a more thoughtful gift that won’t necessarily break the bank? Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or your loved ones this holiday season, we highly recommend choosing something personalized or at least within your budget.

Plan a Surprise Party

Planning a surprise party doesn’t have to be hard if you know your football player well enough. You can plan an amazing surprise party without even asking them directly. Surprise parties are ideal for sharing the joys of life with loved ones because they’re centered around things that people appreciate. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any other special occasion, there are always great reasons to throw a surprise party.

Goodbye For Now

In this blog post, we covered a lot of ground from how to choose a memory-retained gift, to where to find the best sources for these gifts online. If you have a question that was not addressed, please leave a comment and we will respond with a post answering your question! We also have a ton of resources on our blog, just type in ‘gift’ into the search bar and see everything we have to offer.