10 Gifts All Pregnant Women Want – Let Her Know You Care About Her

First of all, congratulations on your upcoming baby. Being a parent is a huge responsibility, but it’s also one of the biggest blessings in life, and when she’s in labor, you’ll definitely need to be by her side to help and support her during this intense experience. 

Pregnancy is a magical time in a woman’s life. She deserves the best from her partner and family, and she will never forget your effort. Whether she’s already stocked up on clothes, bath products, and toys or you’re looking ahead to cool things for babies, there are great gifts out there that all expectant mothers would be happy to receive — plus, we have guides and tips from fathers-to-be so you can have the recipe for a great gifting experience.

Super Soft Pregnancy Pillow

It’s normal for pregnant women to keep tossing and turning throughout the night. By buying the Washable U Shaped Full Body Pillow, your wife will get a great night of sleep. This pillow can help alleviate common pregnancy symptoms, including back pain, hip pain, and even plantar fasciitis.

Among many other pregnancy pillows out there, this one is quite affordable and among the top-rated on amazon so it’s a guarantee if you can’t take my word for it. Get this amazing pillow for your pregnant wife and give her a blissful sleep.

Pure Silky Sleeping Mask

A soft touch during sleep can be an amazing experience. Get the perfect gift for her by including this silk sleeping mask in your list. Its luxurious silk fabric will give her the comfort she needs for an excellent night’s sleep, while also shielding her eyes from lights that may disturb her. She’ll love this simple yet thoughtful gift, especially with you secretly knowing her favorite color. So, this may come off as a surprise or rather fascinating. Give it a try and see how she responds. 

Pregnancy Journal for The Good Memories

If she likes to journal or write down special memories, a pregnancy journal is a perfect gift! The book-sized pregnancy journal includes a variety of prompts and questions to help her reflect on, document, and remember important moments and feelings of her pregnancy. 

It’ll be a place for her to record the first time she felt the baby move, play favorites tracks from her pregnancy playlist, and keep a lookout for any signs of labor. Help her save the chronicles of her pregnant adventure for a thousand-year with this special journal.

Privacy Fleece Nursing Blanket

When it comes to being prepared for the hospital, there are two things every mother-to-be should have: a chic diaper bag or purse that keeps everything organized and close at hand, and a loving husband to lend a helping hand. If she’s just leaving the hospital with her newborn, this fleece blanket can be used as a nursing cover.

With such flawless material use in production, your baby would get all the ventilation they need to have a great sleep. It’s the most creative wearable fleece blanket we could add and yes, they come in highly recommended.

Mama Duffle Bag

You won’t feel like packing your suitcase or handbag when you’re carrying the Baby Boom, a bag that offers an enhanced experience to travelers. It has plenty of room for you to stash all of your essentials during a hospital stay or a weekend trip, and it even has an ergonomic design to make carrying it at all times comfortable. 

This 3-piece set includes a diaper bag organizer with pockets designed to keep everything organized and easy to access, a comfortable changing pad that keeps the baby clean and comfortable, and an on-the-go pacifier holder that keeps your baby’s favorite teething toy nearby, but never touches the germ-ridden surface of the table.

Maternity Lounge Pants

Rely on a pair of these maternity lounge pants to keep her warm and cozy when she’s at home. The fold-over waistband means you can adjust the drop easily to make sure you stay covered up, while the slim fit makes them look like a pair of your favorite jeans. No need to worry about extra fabric throughout your pregnancy! These comfy pants will soon become her new go-to’s — even after Baby arrives.

Fun Pregnancy Socks

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting milestones in a woman’s life. With comforting messages on the soles of these socks, she will stay happy and relaxed, having fun with her growing belly while working on baby names or decorating the nursery. This is a fun gift that she would like to keep long after her days of being pregnant, after all, the essence of giving is to create beautiful memories.

Amazon Prime Subscription

Even for a loving husband, it can be overwhelming at times trying to entertain a pregnant wife. So, why not give her the gift of prime? Amazon prime lets her watch millions of High- quality TV Shows on demand. Plus, the prime subscription features don’t end there, it also comes with surprisingly cool merits that she could try out. If you haven’t heard about its cool benefits try reading our article on Amazon Prime tricks and see what you’re missing out on.

Light-weight Slip-Ons

Her days will seem much easier when she’s wearing these cute and comfortable slides. With their light cushioning and no-tie design, they’re really easy to slip into, making them the perfect shoe for long summer days — or lazy fall ones.

Mini Massage Gun

Last but not least, the perfect gift from you to her, this mini-massage gun replaces the need for an expensive weekly massage. Designed with her in mind, it’s a great way to end a long day or relieve stress and pain.

How to Give Her the Perfect Pregnancy Experience

I get it! Pregnancy could be overwhelming and difficult to handle. Even though you’re not the one doing all the work, it’s sometimes frightening not knowing how to make her feel better, support her, or just prep ahead of delivery. To help you perform your best as a loving husband, here are a few questions I answered to help solve any more problems you may encounter:

01 What ways can I support her During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a painful, unpredictable, and scary time in a woman’s life. For many women, the concept of labor and childbirth is vastly different from reality. From morning sickness to cravings, from weight gain to hormonal changes, the daily difficulties that come with being pregnant are hard to anticipate.

The sensation of being pregnant can be difficult to understand for people who have never gone through it themselves. And being a supportive father, I would recommend you try these gifts:

  • Send Stress relieving Gifts: Any pregnant woman would suggest the same as pain is the proper word to describe what they are going through. To make them feel better, go get Acupressure Wristbands. These bands are designed to reduce the effects of morning sickness by tracking pressure points to relieve nausea. 
  • Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets: These bath salts are made from the therapeutic Dead Sea salt and can help with morning sickness, sleep quality, and stress reduction. Try these from Dr. Teal’s
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Unlike the drugs or relief devices mentioned above, this particular one is a gift for strengthening her mental state. It’s written by one of the best-selling authors (Heidi Murkoff) who really knows how to tell the stories of great mothers. Other than these three suggestions, try something you think would make her feel much better.

02 What are Some Experiences I Could Tryout

  • Sign her up for The Mummy Community: Even when she never talks about it, learning about the demands and challenges of pregnancy could be strenuous and quite confusing too, but while cited in the midst of successful mothers she could learn a few things that aren’t on the internet. This is also a gift that keeps on giving as she would be equipped on dealing with issues prior to the baby’s arrival.
  • Gift her a Spa Subscription: Maybe she’s recovering from pregnancy and needs some pain relief. Or maybe she’s stressed and in need of some relaxation — regardless of the reason, a gift that keeps on giving may be just what she needs! Give her a ticket to enjoying spa and body massage from professionals. This could also be a therapeutic process to gaining full recovery.

03 A few Pickups for Baby Shower Prep

As a new dad, you might be surprised to find out how many things babies need. From new clothes and toys to bottles and blankets, it can cost a lot of money to keep your little one happy. Before running out to the first baby store you see on the street, take some time to browse online; chances are, you’ll find what you’re looking for at a lower price. For starters, try a few of these:

  • Handheld Portable Bidet Squeeze: For an affordable price, this product sure is amazing, not particularly unique but adds a sense of style to the traditional baby bidet. These could come in handy for the mom so add them to your list.
  • Angel Baby Bath: This is a product am sure you haven’t heard of. It’s called an Angel baby bath. It allows you to easily bathe your baby with mesh bath support. Its primary function is to keep your child secure in the water while also allowing for excess water to drain away.
  • Philips Milk Heater: A baby food maker is exactly what every mom needs to make delicious, healthy meals for her baby. This multifunctional machine gives you the ability to cook, blend, and steam all of your favorite foods into a nutrient-rich paste that is easy for your little one to digest. It’s ideal for taking on holidays or business trips, as it comes with a compact design that won’t take up too much space in your luggage.
  • Baby Arrival Kit: Make bath time a breeze with the Lavender Baby Arrival Gift set. Countless baby showers for new moms forget about the essentials, from prenatal to postnatal necessities. Baby is best started off right, and they’ll help put you on the right track by delivering a care package to your door every month after their bundle of joy arrives.

Some Valuable Advice for New Fathers

  1. “When your baby first pops out if you think ‘what on Earth is that?’ and, for the first few weeks or months you don’t feel any overwhelming, or even mild, sense of love for the baby, relax. You’re not the only one”- By Asim Qureshi.
  2. “Relax. Take it all in. Then relax more. I often joke that it takes nine months for a baby to gestate for a reason. It takes about that long for many fathers to stop panicking!” – By William Parham.
  3. “Give a gentle kiss on the forehead of your wife. Tell her it’s all okay, everything will be fine, and that she should go back to sleep and take a rest. We both will see it through, as parents!”- By Anirudh Goel.
  4. “Above all, try to keep a sense of humor. Newborn days are equally exhausting and entertaining in an odd way. Take breaks, and take turns caring for the baby so you can each get some sleep, which is so vital to surviving the first few weeks sanely. Ask others for help when you need it, even if they come to just hold the baby while you both get a shower or eat a meal…” By Christina Seifert

Well, this is the end of all I have prepared for you. I hope you found them helpful. Till next time!

Have any questions about how to shop for your pregnant wife? If so, we’re always here to help. We’re learning more and more about giving every day — and if you’re a fan, stay tuned: we’ve got plenty more content coming your way. But in the meantime, keep reading, you never know what you could find.