How to Surprise Someone with a Gift

Why is a Gift Surprise Good for the Health?

There are plenty of good things why gift surprises can make a person’s day complete. First, there is a great sense of satisfaction when you see the expression on the face of someone to whom you give your gift. It’s one way to express feelings, giving acknowledgment and appreciation to each other. If you do positive things, there is positive psychology that would say that you attract positivity, according to John L. Silvernail, MD.

Just think about it this way, whenever you receive a gift from someone without expecting it, you will generally feel happy about it. This feeling is normal and expected in most cases. However, the experience will show that the person giving the gift could match the levels of joy from the exchange. As the saying goes, “It is always better to give than to receive.” And many people could attest to that saying, as the feeling is true and pure from the heart.

Tips in Surprising Someone with a Gift 

It doesn’t matter your age because whenever you receive a gift, you can’t help but feel happy and excited. It’s what makes people smile, knowing that they could get a surprise from someone. What’s even better is the feeling you have whenever you give someone a surprise. With that, perhaps you want to know how to surprise someone with a gift, so to know more about the tips, read down below.

  • Get what they’ve always asked for 

People don’t always like receiving one-sided surprise gifts. But how are you going to pull it off without getting off the element of surprise? Do you have any idea about what they hope or expect to get something they are fascinated about?

Perhaps, they are giving you a hint about what they want for a celebration. But, whether it’s their birthday, anniversary, or holidays, you must pay attention to what they’ve always wanted as a gift. That way, they could use it and for you not to waste your money.  

  • Consider Cash Gifts as a Surprise 

Many would agree that cash is way better than objects in gift-giving. People prefer a thoughtful yet relaxing gift, and cash is an example of that. According to researchers, money is one of the factors to make a person happy. 

In a recent study, there are more than 1,000 students from the University of British Columbia assess whether they want money over time. Almost 40% chose money, and this result concluded that money is not what they always prioritize since they are just students. But 40% is still a significant figure.

You should know that no one agreed that money interrupts all gift principles in such a way. But as time goes by, receiving money as a gift is better and brings a lot of fun than any other gift in the world, placed in a huge box. Many researchers are fascinated with the thought that money is always a big help because it can be used anytime. It reveals something genuine about humans.

  • Fake-out Packaging 

One of the best ways to surprise someone with a gift is not to make it way too obvious. There must be a bit of a trick to go a long way so that the person you’re giving will not think of it as a gift. Perhaps, you can fake out the packaging and start with an empty box from appliances you’ve just purchased.

You can do this by giving them fake packaging during a special occasion. At first, they would feel very disappointed knowing that you’ve never given them a surprise. But once you reveal what’s inside that fake box or packaging you have, you will get that “I can’t believe you’d give me this!” drama. Yikes!

  • Let them Discover your Gift Unexpectedly 

Instead of directly giving them a gift, one way to give someone a surprise gift is by just letting them discover when they stumble upon it. Whether it’s wrapped already or not, you can just put the present somewhere odd where you know they would go every day. For example, you can place it in the car, medicine cabinet, cereal box, or closet.

Another possible idea would be in their shoe or motor helmets, or anywhere you know they won’t miss. It works best when the surprise fits into a routine. You just have to prevent over hiding your gifts because they might overlook or lost them. Or worse, your gift might slip until it’s nowhere to be found.

  • It Must be Spontaneous 

Who says you can’t surprise someone with a gift without any occasion? One great idea in planning the best gift surprise for your partner or someone so close to you is by making it spontaneous. It must be in nature in a way, without giving them an idea that you’re giving them gifts. I think that’s the best surprise when you leave them speechless.


Giving gifts is perhaps one of the practices that we do until today. The best way to plan a surprise for someone with a gift is to keep it a surprise. There may be times that you may give in and lose the ball, but just keep composure going. What’s important is that you were able to give what this person deserves. Surprise or not, it’s the thought that counts.