30+ Best Gifts for Someone Recovering from Surgery

Undergoing medical procedures could be a challenging experience for anyone. They need all the support they can get, and what better way to show love and care for them than with a gift?

Here are some gift tips for you: 

Everybody knows how much of a drag a surgical procedure can be, even for the smallest of instances it’s always such a hassle. The entire process from the operating schedules to the “D-day” always seems too enervating for the patients.

Creating a positive environment for the patient is a must to lift the mood, institute a good healing domain, and set up a “can win” attitude for the patient as they may have just undergone a life-changing procedure.

Relics may be the first idea that comes to mind in gift picking, but the importance of this gesture lies in not only the quantity of the largesse and its quality. Here are some helpful tips when getting a gift for the ones you love:

A Snack Basket

Patients may not have a strong appetite after a surgical procedure but they still need to replenish to heal faster. Things like fruits, nuts, and maybe some dairy could be added to the basket for your loved one. 

Always put into consideration their preferences, maybe a pack of oreo could do the trick. We recommend the Classic Snacks Care Package with a fresh fruit combo (if desired).  


One of the perks of being sick is that snuggle time you get to watch your favorite movies, series, and tv shows. While caring for a patient you should make out this time for them. If you don’t use DVDs anymore, we recommend streaming some top-notch Walt Disney Animations if you fancy those.

Magazines or Meditation Ebooks

After surgery, resting and relaxing can get a little bit boring, and sometimes binge-watching your favorite shows might just not be the solution. 

Maybe you need to spice it up a bit by adding a little flair to your healing process while giving a boost to your mental health. 

We recommend some meditation ebooks for a calming read or maybe you’re a “people” person, you won’t want to miss out on the trending gossip happening in the real world. 

As reading magazines don’t need a lot of focus, it’s an excellent diversion from all the stress while keeping you entertained and informed.

Stuffed Animals/Plushies

Comfort is always a priority when it comes to recovering and the cuddle from a soft toy might just be what you need. That company makes you feel at ease even during your downtime. We like this cute plushy dinasour. 

A Dandy Soft Blanket

Staying all day in bed probably sounds like a great getaway experience to laze around without any worry but it’s no fun when you’re in some discomfort. Why not throw in a snuggly and cozy blanket in your “get well soon” package as a gesture meant to soothe them, trust us they would love it. 

A Mini Spa Basket

The patient may have gotten a laceration from the procedure especially if it’s a major one and may not be in top shape to go out on a spa date. But they can still indulge in some spa time in their ward or at home. 

We recommend adding a spa hamper to your gift shopping cart. We refer to the spa luxetique gift basket 


In the event of recovering from surgery, it is advised that your clothing wear should be as suitable as possible. Women are known to own a lot of loungewear and robes which makes this a flattering suggestion.

Men on the other hand are always “a yard short” when it concerns that department. Notwithstanding, it is a great option when thinking of a gift for a loved one 

If a male friend or family member has undergone abdominal surgery, their usual sleepwear may seem uncomfortable. 

The trim of the waistband may cause irritation and inappropriate discomfort if there are incisions. Get that loved one a plush bathrobe he/she would truly appreciate. 

Fun pajamas

Sometimes the thoughts of the abscission could throw you under the weather, and maybe a little folly might just do the trick. Fortunately, colorful pajamas are currently fashionable.

Some very cozy snapsuits are accessible featuring a wide variety of characters and available in several sizes. Do get them for any little kid – or big kid – who needs a little cheering up after surgery.

Grocery and meal delivery

When someone is recovering from surgery, they need to eat to keep up their strength and energy levels and of course, their body might not carry them to the grocery store or the local restaurant. 

It’s important to note this and to always be there when they need assistance and crave their favorite meals. Find out grocery stores and/or diners that promote delivery services.

Cleaning service

Keeping your home clean and organized can be challenging even under the best of circumstances. It becomes a lot more tedious for someone recovering from surgery.

Given that your loved one might be incapacitated for the time being, it’ll be not just a gift but a caring gesture to hire the services of a cleaning company. 

With the sole purpose of washing dirty apparel, tidying the general household, and creating a clean, habitable environment for your loved one.

Bedside storage organizer

Given that a patient undergoes major surgery, they’re expected to be confined to their bed for a while. This implies they’ll have to keep a lot of stuff close at hand. You can get a bedside organizer that hangs off the side of their bed and has storage pockets.

Activity books and lap desk

When they are kept still, children might grow bored and restless. A little lap desk and a stack of activity books can help assuage their boredom. Younger kids might fancy a coloring book with most of their favorite comic characters in it.

Pre-teens may enjoy more intricate coloring books. Mandalas are currently a very popular coloring book subject amongst adults and teens alike. Sudoku and word search also keep kids entertained.

Neck Pillow

Extended bed rest can be relatively uncomfortable and an extreme drag. A neck pillow can help to provide a bit of support and balance while they read or watch TV without straining themselves


Being bed-bound means lots of binge-watching and streaming, whether it’s Hulu, Netflix, or Disney+. The gift of subscriptions is a gift that keeps giving. Try out a summertime movie to get in the groove.

Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones or Earbuds

Between the beeps produced by monitors and doctors/nurses coming in and out of the ward, hospitals can be noisy, especially if you share a room. Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds will help with a proper night’s sleep. 

Back Pillow

Sitting up in bed can be an extreme pain after first getting home from surgery. Back pillows are an absolute lifesaver and a perfect replacement for the hospital bed.

U-shaped body pillow

After surgery, your bed becomes your best friend, and what’s the most decent way of getting optimal comfort from constantly laying down than a plush u-shaped body pillow? 

Support and Company

Let’s be honest, it gets lonely in the hospital. Having your friends and family there to support you is sometimes the best gift. Set dates around the holidays for times to watch a movie together, take them out for a walk if they can, or play a board game. Even texting could be a good way of keeping the line of communication open as it also helps to encourage the patient and make them feel less lonely. 

Sending funny memes could be a bonus for good measure lol.

Offer to Decorate Their Space

Some gifts mustn’t be items or just pieces but a polite gesture also counts as a gift. Make them feel special and at ease with their environment by making it theirs. Go out of your way to aesthetically decorate and beautify their space or room, it shows that you care and appreciate them. 

Tablet Stand

What use is an infotainment system if you can’t use it? Get your loved one a tablet stand to help hold up their tabs in place with minimal effort. 

It could be placed on a desk or even a bed, patients wouldn’t need to strain themselves to operate their devices. 

Cheerful Flowers

Colorful flowers are fantastic and traditional gifts to lift the spirits of anyone. A nicely arranged bouquet is great for the atmosphere and can trigger happy thoughts whilst taking off the anxiety from the patient. If your loved one is into roses, we recommend this lovely vase. 

A Sleep Aid

One of the most reasonable gifts to give to someone that just had surgery is restful sleep.  In case they are having difficulty achieving this, you can purchase a sleep aid to get them out of this hiccup. 

We recommend the Dodow Sleeping Aid, this device works like a metronome and helps you fall asleep using a rhythmic light pattern. 

Works like a charm some may say, this takes their mind off any twinge they might be going through then.

An Air Purifier 

After surgery, most people tend to have weakened immune systems, so we encourage an air purifier. Why an air purifier?

Well, air purifiers remove 99% of airborne germs, viruses, bacteria, dust/allergens, and pollutants. Therefore creating a healthy climate for the patient so we recommend the Mooka purifier.

Thermal Compression Sleeve

This gift would suit people that just had leg or arm surgery, A great gift in the long run. It uses doctor-recommended hot & cold compression therapy to naturally heal the affected region. No need for painkillers, irritating and wet ice keisters, or crooked braces. 

A Back Scratcher

There’s a tendency that your loved one might get a bit of post-surgery itching, and might not be able to reach those itchy areas. With a handy dandy back scratcher, they can reach every nook and cranny while relieving themselves. This is one of the best gifts to give to someone post-surgery, take that from us!

Extended Reach Grabbing Tool

You know how annoying trying to grab something slightly out of reach can be, then imagine how it feels for someone recuperating from surgery. Well with the aid of a Grabbing Tool you can get any item you need at your disposal.

A Portable Pill Organizer

After most surgical procedures, doctors put patients on pills and treatments that would help them recuperate quicker. A good tool used to keep track of pill intake is the portable pill organizer. This organizes each day’s intake from the rest, it’s quite helpful and thoughtful as well, we highly recommend.

A Yoga kit

Ok, you might see this as an over-the-top idea but if you’re aiming for total comfort and a healthy regeneration process, we suggest you get your loved one a yoga kit. 

This gets their mind off the whole situation and also keeps them fit, which is a win-win if we’re being honest. The yoga kit and set for beginners is a great way to achieve that zen moment while keeping up to shape.

Board games 

Another super idea is the board game. They are absorbing and a great distraction not only for the patient but also for the whole family. We recommend a classic monopoly set. Alternatively, new board games like Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan one also great picks.

White Stone Diffuser

Last but not least is the white stone diffuser. The Stone Diffuser smells and looks lovely as it should. It is a piece of decoration with a cover made from matt ceramic, which makes it ideal for bedsides, counters, and racks. It perfumes the home and creates a lovely environment to be in.